Center for Arts Education

Center for Arts Education is the specialized institute implementing quality-oriented art education in Donghua University. It is in charge of the teaching of cultural and moral elective courses together with the construction and development of Student Art Troupe. It carries out its work mainly centering on art theory education, skills education, appreciation education and art troupe construction.

As an artistic organization mainly composed of university students, Student Art Troupe is affiliated with Center for Arts Education  in Donghua University. In the troupe, there is a Dancing Group, a Women’s Guzheng Team, an Etiquette and Fashion Show Team, a Keyboard Team, a Choir, an Ethnic Percussion Music Team, a Dramatic Performance Society, a Social Dancing club, a Stage Character Study Team and a Stage Design and Management Team, all hiring excellent professional teachers as art directors of various teams. Those teachers set up diverse practice courses of art so as to further enhance and unleash students’ art talent. Through hard training, members in Student Art Troupe have greatly improved their artistic skills. They are composing a glorious chapter of culture and arts on campus. From the annual joint show of “DHU Spring” to conventional performances like the Top Ten Singers on campus, or other tasks like the 55th anniversary celebration party of Donghua University, it cannot do without the participation of the Student Art Troupe, which has participated in various municipal and state competitions and performances. Original large-scale theme party “to the Yellow River” enjoys great popularity among the students.