College of Information Science and Technology was established in May 1998. It was formed by the merger of the Department of automation and electrical engineering and the Department of computer at that time and the addition of the Department of communication and electronic engineering. It can be traced back to the thermoelectric specialty founded in 1956. College of Information Science and Technology is composed of the Departments of Automation, Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electric Engineering, and Information and Control Lab Center, Engineering Research Center of Digitalized Textile and Fashion Technology (Ministry of Education), and the Institute of Automation, Communication Technology, Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, Circuit System, and Internet of Things R&D Center, Textile Big Data Research Center, Key Textile Intelligence Laboratory etc.

In the past decades, the college has achieved remarkable accomplishments in discipline construction, talent cultivation, and scientific researches etc. All of these make it one of the leading colleges of the university. Authorized by the Ministry of Education, the college now has 1  first-level postdoctoral workstation (i.e. Control Science and Engineering), the engineering doctoral program of "Control Science and Engineering" was selected into the first-class discipline (class B) program of Shanghai, Information and Communication Intelligent System Interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs, and 3 M.S. programs (i.e. Control Science and Engineering,  Electronic and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering), and 4 bachelor programs (Automation, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering). At present, the college has more than 2,000 full-time enrollment students leading to B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.


In recent years, the school has undertaken 1 key projects finance-supported by National Natural Science Foundation, more than 70 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 1 Europe Union international cooperation project, 1 Sino-France international cooperation project, 2 “Shanghai  Youth Top-notch Talent Support Program”, 2 programs of “Shanghai Subject Chief Scientist”, 5 international cooperation project of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, more than 10 basic research project of Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, as well as over three hundred enterprise-funded research projects. The total scientific research fund has amounted to RMB 8 million per year.

The college is also the holder of about 120 National Invention patents. Of the accomplished projects, 1 have won the Second Class Prize of National Science and Technology Award, one won the Second Class Prize of National Natural Science Award, and 5 Shanghai Science and Technology Award. In recent years, over 5000 scientific research papers and over 100 books have been published in the leading academic journals both at home and abroad. The college hosts one center and four bases, i.e. one Engineering Research Center of Digitalized Textile and Fashion Technology (Ministry of Education), one Network-based System Modeling Simulation base, one Detection Cybernetics Research base, one Computer Integrated network Multimedia Communication Research base, and one Pattern Recognition Intelligent System Research base.

International Cooperation

In recent years, the school has established long-term academic exchange with more than 10 world renowned universities and research institutes in USA, Japan, and British. By means of inter-sending exchange scholar, co-developing doctor cultivation, cooperation in scientific research, founding studio, so as to strengthen international cooperation and make the college better known in the world. In addition, the college also devoted to establish good relationship with some world famous companies such as SIEMENS, Schneider Electric. The united-founding laboratories and training center greatly improve the facilities of studying, resulting in better teaching quality, and enlarging social influence of the school.


  • Departments of Automation

  • Departments of Communication Engineering

  • Departments of Electrical and Electric Engineering

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Automation

  • Communication Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering and Automation

  • Electronic Information Engineering

 Master Programs

Control Science and Engineering (include 3 research direction of Machine Vision and Image Processing, Intelligent Control System and Technology, Advanced Control and System Integration)

Electronic and Communication Engineering(include 3 research direction of Wireless Communication and Network Optimization, Internet of Things and Big Data Technology, Multimedia Communication and Cloud Computing)

Electrical Engineering

 Ph. D. Programs

  • Control Science and Engineering

  • Information and Communication Intelligent System

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