Glorious Sun School of Business and Management was stemmed from Department of Management Engineering at Donghua University established in 1953, gathering China’s first generation of experts in management including Professor Shiqiu Zhou (Doctor of Public Administration, Harvard University), Professor Qichun Zhang (Doctor of former Soviet Union) and Professor Ying Tang (Doctor of former Soviet Union). In 1959, Donghua University set up the undergraduate program in industrial engineering and management and began to enrol postgraduates in 1979. In September 1983, it launched the first cohort of the master’s degree program in industrial engineering and management. In December 1983, it set up the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, which was expanded into School of Economics and Management in 1993. In 1994, the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management (GSSBM) came to birth after being sponsored by Glorious Sun Enterprise Limited (GSE).

The School spans two disciplines: economics and management, with three departments: Department of Business Administration, Department of Management Science and Engineering, and Department of Applied Economics. The School focuses on the research directions of Urban Creative Economy and Innovation Service, Internet+ Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Organizational Change, Big Data and Algorithm, Financial Innovation Management, and Fashion Management.

The School has three levels of programs, namely undergraduate programs, master’s programs and doctoral programs. It has two first-level discipline doctoral programs (i.e., Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration), three first-level discipline academic degree masters’ programs (i.e., Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Applied Economics), five professional degree programs (i.e., MBA, MPAcc, MF, MEM, MIB and Master of Logistics Management), and ten undergraduate programs. The School has officially received accreditation from the Association for Business Administration (AMBA) in 2017.

The School has more than 130 faculty members and staffs, including one special professor of Changjiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, two New Century Talents of the Ministry of Education, one Shuguang Scholar of Shanghai, one Humboldt Scholar of Germany, and eight Pujiang Talents of Shanghai. There are more than 4,000 students in the School, including over 2,000 undergraduates, about 1,000 master’s and doctoral students, and about 1,000 MBA, engineering master’s and international cooperation students.

In the recent years, the School has been fruitful in scientific research, obtaining one Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, undertaking more than 100 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Foundation of China, and Humanities and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education, and publishing over 100 papers in POM, JMIS, EJOR, IEEE Transactions and other international famous SCI/SSCI retrieved journals and several English business teaching cases in the Ivey Publishing (one of the top three international case study institutions). In the 4th round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017, the School was awarded as B grades (top 20-30%) in both Management Science and Engineering and Business Administration.


  • Department of Business Administration

  • Department of Management Science and Engineering

  • Department of Applied Economics

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Programs

- Department of Business Administration

  • Marketing

  • Business Administration

  • Accounting

  • Financial Management

  • Tourism Management

- Department of Management Science and Engineering

  • Information Management and Information Systems

  • E-Commerce

  • Supply Chain Management (Logistics Management)

- Department of Applied Economics

  • Finance

  • International Economics and Trade

Master’s Programs

  • Business Administration

  • Management Science and Engineering

  • Applied Economics

Ph.D. Programs

  • Business Administration (First-level Discipline Doctoral Program)

  • Management Science and Engineering (First-level Discipline Doctoral Program)

Professional Master’s Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA/EMBA)

  • Master of Professional Accounting

  • Master of Engineering Management

  • Master of Finance

  • Master of International Business

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E-mail: wj@dhu.edu.cn

Tel: (021) 62708696

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