Chinese Language Programs

- Non-degree Programs

    General Chinese Programs: full time, semester-long (14~18 weeks), in-person study

    Vacation Chinese Programs: 2~6 weeks in summer or winter holidays

 - Degree Program

    Bachelor's Program in Chinese Language


English-taught Degree Programs

- Bachelor's Degree Programs

    SCF: Fashion and Accessory Design (Fashion Innovation)

    SCF: Environment Design (Fashion Interior Design)

- Master's Degree Programs

    1.  Jounalism and Communication (MJC)

    2.  Design 

    3.   Textile Engineering

    4.   Non-woven Materials & Engineering

    5.   Textile Materials & Textiles Design

    6.    Materials Procession Engineering

    7.     Chemistry Engineering and Technology

    8.     Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering

    9.    Biomedical Engineering

    10.    Environmental Engineering

    11.   Civil Engineering (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Engineering)

    12.  Computer Science and Technology

    13.   Electrical Engineering

    14.   Information and Communication Engineering

    15.   Optical Engineering(New Energy Material & Device)