College of Fashion and Design of Donghua University is one of the earliest established universities in fashion disciplines in China. The college is composed of Department of Fashion Design and Engineering, Department of Fashion Art Design, Department of Visual Communication, Department of Environmental Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Acting, Sector of Art Theory, Sector of Fine Arts, Sector of Sino-Japanese Cooperation Project and the experimental centers.

It has eight undergraduate majors, i.e., Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion & Clothing Design, Digital Media Design, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Product Design, Acting, Art and Technology. It has the "Fashion Design and Engineering" master and doctoral degrees and "Fashion Design and Innovation Project" cross-doctoral degrees, in which the "Fashion Design and Engineering" is listed as the national key discipline, national featured specialty, Shanghai key discipline and "211 Project" key construction disciplines of the Ministry of Education; it has three first-class disciplines of master degree in Design, Art Theory and Fine Arts, in which "Design" is listed as the key discipline in Shanghai, the first-class discipline in Shanghai and is one of the first 32 institutes that provide the professional master degree of "Art Design".

It has key labs of the Ministry of Education in the "Modern Fashion Design & Technology." Currently,there are about 2,500 undergraduates, 550 postgraduates and PhD students as well as about 170 teaching staff.

(Emerging Donghua 2020 - College Student Creative Fashion Show)


The goal and positioning of the college is: “To construct a fashion-led and design-oriented ecological chain of fashion discipline, and establish a leading fashion-featured comprehensive design institute both at home and abroad. The vision is to build a magnificent school creating fashion professionals.

  • The predecessor of the College can be traced back to the Textile Engineering Department of East China Institute of Textile Engineering that began to enroll "Textile Design" undergraduates in 1982 and the Sector of Fashion Teaching and Research was founded in 1983.

  • In 1984, Fashion Design & Engineering Program started enrolling undergraduate students nationwide for the first time.

  • In 1985, the Sector of Fashion Teaching and Research and the Sector of Textile Design Teaching and Research were separated from the Department of Textile Engineering to independently form the Department of Fashion.

  • In 1985, Arts and CraftsProgram started enrolling undergraduate students nationwide forthe first time.

  • In 1990, Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline was entitled to grant master’s degree among the first few in the country.

  • In 1993, Institute of Fashion was officially established.

  • In 1995, Fashion Design and Engineering discipline became a key discipline in Shanghai.

  • In 1996, Art Design discipline was entitled to grant master’s degree.

  • In 1998, Fashion Design and Engineering discipline was entitled to grant doctoral degree as a Second Class Discipline.

  • In 1999, the college changed its name to Fashion·Art Design Institute, Donghua University.

  • For two consecutive times in 2002 and 2007, Fashion Design and Engineering discipline was accredited as the state Key Discipline of Fashion, the only one of its kind in China.

  • In 2005, as one of the 32 first-batch experimental units in China, the college was entitled to confer the degree of Master of Art.

  • In 2007,Art Design Discipline became a key discipline in Shanghai.

  • In 2010, it was approved to construct the project - “Modern Fashion Design & Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education”.

  • In 2011, three first-class disciplines of Design, Art Theory and Fine Arts were added to the Master's degree authorization.

  • In 2012, "Sino-Japanese Joint Education" project was appraised to be the exemplary Sino-foreign Joint Education project in Shanghai.

  • In 2012, the disciplinary assessment of “Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline” made by the Ministry of Education ranked the first in the country and the Design Discipline ranked the first in Shanghai and the sixth in the country.

  • In 2012, the Design Discipline was rated to the first-class discipline in Shanghai.

  • In 2013, "Greater Donghua Fashion & Creative Industry Service Platform" became the recognized professional platform for the Public Service Platform in the city of design, Shanghai.

  • In 2013, “Shanghai Style Fashion Design and Value Creation Knowledge Service Center"was appraised to be the Knowledge Service Platform for the universities in Shanghai.

  • In 2013, the Major of Fashion Design and Engineering was approved by the Ministry of Education to implement the “Excellence Education and Training Program.

  • In 2014, "Fashion Design and Innovation Project" cross-doctoral degrees were newly established.

  • In 2015, the name of the college was normalized into College of Fashion and Design.

  • In 2015, “Fashion Design and Engineering” was involved in the Class I construction of Shanghai peak disciplines while the Design Science the Class IV construction of Shanghai peak disciplines.

 Departments & Sectors

Department of Fashion Design and Engineering

The Department of Fashion Design and Engineering began to enroll undergraduate students in 1984 and currently it has formed the BA, MA, PhD training systems. Now there are 23 full-time teachers, including 7 professors (4 doctoral tutors), 13 associate professors and 80 percent of teachers have obtained doctoral degrees while 70 percent has overseas study experience. The Fashion Design and Engineering Principle is one of the earliest established Fashion disciplines for the domestic institutes of higher education. It is the key construction discipline for the national universities Fashion major and the featured discipline at national level. It is the key construction discipline of universities in Shanghai and the key construction discipline for the “211 Project’ of the Ministry of Education. Also, it is the Innovative Experimental Zone for the national featured major and national talent training mode. Characterized in the mutual penetration between Engineering Technology and Art Design and the intersection between Fashion and other engineering disciplines,it ranks the first in 77 similar disciplines in the country.

Department of Fashion Art Design

The Department of Fashion Art Design is divided into the professional direction of Fashion and Clothing Design and Fashion and Clothing Design (Textile Design). Now there are 25 full-time teachers, including 4 professors and 13 associate professors. It has the "China Top Ten Fashion Designers", "Shanghai Teaching Masters", national experts with outstanding contributions, pioneering talents in Shanghai, together with many specialforeign teachersfor lecturing and academic cooperation. It has several national-level Shanghai essential courses and Shanghai key courses; The fashion design discipline is characterized in focusing on the tradition, creativity, market and practice, with the aim to cultivate the fashion & textile art design talents with international perspective and innovation to meet the needs of the development of society and industry as well as to have a certain influence on the discipline and within the industry.

Department of Visual Communication

The Department of Visual Communication has two majors, i.e., Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design. There are brand imageplanning and visual communication design, network and media design and development, 3D design and dynamic graphics, animation illustration and game design, video creation and post-production, cultural and creative product development and productpackaging & design, commercial photography and other research directions. It was started in 1992 and it was a discipline that had been started earlier in the country. Now there are 18 full-time teachers, including a professor and 5 associate professors. It is committed to cultivating the talents with the solid professional foundation, extensive knowledge and strong creative design capabilities. The long-term cooperation courses with international companies and institutes are maintained to establish the project courses with an emphasis on building the team and business awareness.

Department of Environmental Design

The Department of Environmental Design has two majors, i.e., Environmental Design, andArt &Technology. The Major of Environmental Design mainly covers research directions such as architecture and interior design, landscape and urban design, environmental art and display design, public art design,etc., being committed to studying the human living environmental quality as well as the improvement ofenvironmental aesthetic taste. It aims to cultivate applied and innovative design talents being capable of utilizing the theoretical knowledge concerning environmental design to explore the internal connections between art and technology, space and construction, process and materials, and ecology and humanity, thus proposing systematic solutions to realistic and future problems in environmental design, of both working independently and getting involved in teamwork, and of undertaking various architecture and interior & exterior environmental design. The Major of Art and Technology is intended to cultivate innovative and applied talents that have the capabilities of solid art design modeling, organization of management and implementation in exhibition design projects, adaptation to the international development needs of Chinese exhibition industry, professional innovation, teamwork and communication, and will engage themselves in design, research and management at relevant enterprises and institutions as well as professional design agencies. Now the department has 21 full-time teachers, including 3professors, 9 associate professors, 8 lecturers and 1 teaching assistant.

Department of Product Design

The Department of Product Design has Product Design Major, and focuses on the living supplies design and fashion product design. Since it was established in 1999, it has gradually formed its own training objectives and discipline characteristics. Now there are 11 professional teachers, including 2 professors and 4 associate professors, among whom 88% are with master and doctoral degrees. The Department of Product Design is committed to the product design and development with the focus on the fashion life. It uses the arts, technology, market and society and the multi-disciplinary fields as the foundation for constructing disciplinary knowledge, methods and systems. The teaching focuses on the intersection with the costumes, visual communication, environmental design, materials, engineering and other majors. In the process of course building and class topic cooperation with international institutes and enterprises at home and abroad, it has gradually formed the training feature centering on the industry-study-research, serving for the market and enterprises and concerning about the social and cultural life.

Department of Acting

The Department of Acting is composed of Fashion and Clothing Design (Fashion Show), Acting (Drama, Film). Now there are 10 full-time teachers, including 5 associate professors. The Fashion Show Major plays a unique advantageous role in the area of model education nationwide and has formed a scientific and systematic teaching system in recent 30 years, and successfully cultivated numerous influential super models both at home and abroad as well as outstanding talents in relevant areas such as organization and planning of fashion show. Acting (Drama, Film) Major aims to cultivate specialized and versatile practical acting talents who are equipped with solid theoretical foundation and acting capability, engage themselves in the acting of film and drama and cultural entertainment, work in various professional art groups and film companies, and are able to simultaneously shoulder the responsibilities of art education and art management. The department has cultivated a number of performance talents with higher cultural & art enrichment and solid acting ability to be popular on the stage and screen of TV drama.

Sector of Sino-Japanese Cooperation Project

Sector of Sino-Japanese Cooperation Project was founded in March 2003. It is the Sino-foreign cooperative education bachelor's degree program in Fashion and Clothing Design approved by the Ministry of Education and organized by Donghua University - Japan Bunka Gakuen. Now there are 9 full-time teachers to teach the major course. It also hires foreign teachers from Japan Bunka Fashion College, Japan Bunka Gakuen University, Columbia University of Chicago, Universite Lumiere Lyon II and so on to have the teaching duties. Sino-Japanese cooperation in Fashion and Clothing Design takes the advantages of integrating the educational resources in these two schools to form the teaching mode that both takes the advantages of Bunka Fashion College and maintains the college education features of Art and Design of Donghua University. In 2012,the project was appraised to be Shanghai's First Exemplary Sino-foreign Education Cooperation and obtained a number of provincial and ministerial level teaching achievement awards with high recognition of the industry.

Sector of Art Theory

The Sector of Art Theory now has 7 teachers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors and 3 doctoral tutors. All of them have the doctoral degrees and the overseas study and research experience and one of them is the committee member in the Art Theory of the Education Ministry and the New Century Excellent Talent; one of them is the committee of the National Commission for Cultural Relics Identification; four of them are the Shanghai Pujiang Talents.The Sector of Art Theory is mainly tohave the leading theoretical studies and the undergraduate, master and doctoral teaching in the first-class discipline of art theory, design history and the theory in the design discipline as well as the two secondary disciplines. It focuses on the master education in the artistic theory, design history and theory and the doctoral education in the fashion design and some fieldsrelated to the engineering. Characterized in the history of garment dyeing, textile art archeology, fashion culture and creative industries, it has a high academic position and influence in the world. Additionally, it has extensive cooperation and exchanges with a number of internationally renowned universities, museums and research institutions.

Sector of Fine Arts

The Sector of Fine Arts currently has 11 full-time teachers, including 5 associate professors. It has Shanghai Style Cross-border Creative Art Center and is responsible for the foundation courses of the Plastic Arts in different disciplines. It emphasizes on the combined development of the course and disciplines and provides the professional training in basic modeling capabilities to enhance the students' professional design capabilities. In terms of postgraduate cultivation, the strong academic background, multi-disciplinary resources and rich theoretical foundation are used to focus on cultivating the compound talents in the field of art creation and planning, research and management and so on.

(The 19th Greater Donghua Fashion Week

cum the Graduates’ Works Exhibition of the College)

 Teaching Conditions

The Colleges Experiment Center is equipped with advanced teaching facilities, teaching and laboratory venues, burning manikin and combustion simulation experiment chamber, warm manikin and artificial climate simulation chamber, 3D body scanning and ergonomics laboratory, clothing CAD room and 3D animation, protective clothing performance lab, clothing craft room, rapid response systems laboratory, Siseai color centers and dyeing craft room, digital media technology, motion capture, freezing and basic animation and other laboratories, pottery craft room, ceramic kiln room, model laboratory, metalworking laboratory, cross Arts Center, PTC International Fashion PLM Research Center, etc., which is totally to be 36 teaching laboratories and covers an area of about 14077 square meters.

The Experimental Center opens to all the teachers and students. It is not only the comprehensive experimental base for accepting the visiting scholar engaged in research work at home and abroad and it also makes the students be able to have the creative design in the laboratory in their leisure time. Moreover, it is also to carry out the science and technology activities, students innovative pilot projects and serve for discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and so on.

Teaching Staff

After 30 years of construction, the College has formed an academic team with reasonable structure of age, broad areas of knowledge and active academic thought. There are 150 full-time teachers, including 21 professors and 60 associate professors. Currently,near 40 percent of the teachers have the overseas study background mainly in the UK, U.S.A., Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Korean, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, which has laid a solid foundation for the academic development. The College has a multi-national and Shanghai essential courses, a number of national and Shanghai teaching team, a number of national and a number of Shanghai Outstanding Teaching awards; it has millions of national project talents, experts with national outstanding contributions, New Century Talents of Education Ministry, Shanghai leading talent and back-up candidates, Shuguang academics, Science and Technology Bright Stars, Pujiang talent, famous teachers of Shanghai universities, Shanghai campus stars, Shanghai outstanding young teachers and other talent titles and awards; it has the national top ten fashion designers, senior designers, national level artists, committee members of the National Commission for Cultural Relics Identification and other experts.

The "Expo Official Staff Fashion Design Team" of the college has obtained the title of "Shanghai World Expo Outstanding Working Collectives" issued by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. The college also hires more than 70 famous professors, top fashion designers and the pundits in the design industry to be the consultant professors and adjunct professors and it also hires 85 external tutors to jointly cultivate the postgraduate students of professional degree.

 Scientific Research

With the emphasis on the discipline construction, the college adheres to the academic education. It focuses on the various disciplines to keep enhancing the research abilities with the combination of scientific research and education. In recent years, the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects and awards are:

Significant provincial projects

National Natural Science Foundation Projects: “Constitutional Characters of Under-Cloth Space in the Human Body Thermal Environment and Objective Measurement and Presentation of Clothing Comfort,” “Burns Prediction of Under-Cloth Skin in Flash Fire and Simulation Research of Flame Manikin Dressing,” “Mechanism Research of Cold-Hot Skin Sensation by Contact with Fiber Moisture absorption-Based Fabric Porous Structure,” “Mechanism Research of Joint Accidental Deformation, Stress Distribution and Transfer Arising from Medical Compression Stocking/Legs Contact,” “Multi-point Clothing Rated Temperature Prediction Model Research Based on Robe Thermal Regulation Mechanism,” “Thermodynamic Properties Evolution and Life Prediction Research of Emergency Rescue Thermal Protection” and Accounting Methods and Application Research of Modular Industrial Textile Products Carbon Footprint

National Arts and Sciences Fifteen Planning Project: History Research of Modern Shanghai Fashion Art

National Social Fund Project: Fashion Art Research of Ancient Silk Road

Shanghai University Knowledge Service Platform Project: "Shanghai Style Fashion Designand Value Creation Knowledge Service Center"

Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industries Funding Support Project: " Greater Donghua Fashion and Creative Industry Service Platform"

Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Exemplary Park Special Development Fund Major Project: "Public Service Base of Cultural Fashion and Creative Industries "

Shanghai Education Science Municipal Topic: "Electronic Clothing Resources of Global Museum and Its Application in Higher Clothing Education"

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Shuguang Planning Project: “Multi-functional Sports Clothing Research Used by Astronauts in the Space Station”

EU cooperation project:”Research for EURAS-IA-TEX Eurasian clothing digital technology”

Important awards

The "Chinese Cheongsam Cultural History" won the first prize in the outstanding achievements of Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences monograph.

The "Multifunctional Protective Clothing Research and Development for the Counterterrorism Disaster Emergency Rescue" obtained the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

The"Multifunctional Protective Clothing Design and Development and Performance Evaluation" obtained the Science and Technology Award of China Textile Industry Association.

The "Fashion Product Planning" obtained the Science and Technology Award of China Textile Industry Association.

Market Access Research and Establishment of Serial Standards of Safety and Functionality of Typical Textile Clothing Products”obtainedthe Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.

Important treatises

The “Complete Works of Dunhuang Silk Art" obtained the Eleventh Five-Year Key Publishing Plan and the national publishing funds.

The ‘”Garment Research of Northern Chinese Ancient Minority Ethnic Group” and the “History of China’s Shanghai Style Fashion” obtained the national publishing funding project.

 International Cooperation

The college focuses on cultivating innovative and creative talents and adheres to internationalized education. In 1998, the college, as the only Chinese mainland fashion institute, jointly established the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) with over 23 prestigious universities from 14 countries like the UK, USA and France, etc. and had became the permanent member. The school has gradually established close international cooperation with 42 well-known fashion and art institutes in 15 countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Korean, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, India, Russia, Finland and so on to carry out various close cooperation, which includes the undergraduate education, postgraduate education and course cooperation, etc. And the "Sino-Japanese cooperation" mode cooperated with the Bunka Fashion College of Japan Bunka Gakuen had successfully created a precedent for international fashion talents’ undergraduate education; it had jointly opened the international class in the fashion course with North Carolina State University andFashion Institute of Technology. It had created the new model of education to organize the foreign well-known clothing undergraduate institutions to “come in” based on the traditional clothing undergraduate education of "studying abroad" .The college also focuses on building the collaborative innovation research platform with the foreign well-known enterprises and it has established the campus Swarovski Design Center, Donghua-de Kooning International Design Center, Donghua - Xiangming International Cultural and Creative Center.

Since 1995, the college has hosted Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival International Fashion Forum for the 22 consecutive years and hosted the "Greater Donghua Fashion Week" for the 15 consecutive years, in addition to numerous professional exhibitions, fashion publishing, professional competitions and international forum so as to play a positive role in promoting the communication and exchange in the fashion education around the world.

With the extensive performance in the personnel training, academic exchanges, research projects and other aspects of multi-level and multi-channel cooperation with the internationally renowned schools of the Art Institute, more and more well-known international institutions are coming forward to contactingwith the school and seeking for the cooperation. The college is working with the Edinburgh University, London College of Fashion, Fashion Institute of Technology from New York and Japan Bunka Gakuen and other famous art and design schools to build Sino-foreign cooperation in running the Shanghai International Fashion Creative Arts. The good international influence and social reputation has provided a wider space for the school to further improve and enhance the international personnel training system.

(The College Team Won the Top Prizes of World Wearable Art)

List of Partner Institutes

 Social Cooperation

By focusing on the practical training of the talent and adhering to the socialized education,the college closely combines the development needs of business and society with its own academic, cultural, information and other resources, striving to expand the contact and cooperation between the schools and enterprises, the schools and schools, the universities and research institutes, and the universities and government departments. It has established 25 major research centers on the campus and 33 off-campus practice bases including the establishment of the top ten companies in the fashion industry of "double hundred", such as the Youngor Group, Baoxiniao Group and Heilan Group. And it is also responsible for the research projects to solve the major problem of enterprise development of the companies like Swarovski, Chaber, Toray, YKK, Erdos, Sanmao, Heng Yuan Xiang, International Wool Secretariat, Shanshan, Noveli, Wacoal, EP, Decathlon, ADIDAS, ESPRIT, etc., which develops the students' innovative spirit and ability to integrate theory with practice while provides the students with a wider range of training platforms and employment opportunities, and these outstanding comprehensive qualities are favored by the companies.

According to the new requirement of developing modern service industry in Shanghai and fully building "creative Shanghai and the city of design", the Institute, Shanghai, and Changning District jointly create the "Greater Donghua Fashion Creative Industry Cluster Zone" and establish the Shanghai Style Fashion TrendResearch Center, Fashion Industry Resources Development and Information Services Center and Shanghai Style Fashion Design and Value Creation Knowledge Service Center, so as to be committed to forming and developing "Shanghai Fashion" theoretical schools and becoming originated sources of Shanghai Fashion mind and fashion industry with the aim to promote Shanghai to lead China and even the world's fashion trend.

Most of the teachers either participate in internal and external corporate research cooperation, do a part-time job in the fashion business, or create their own fashion brand while completing the teaching work. Their rich practical experience has brought the informative cases for the theoretical teaching and also has provided off-campus practice base for the students, which makes the teaching and learning a virtuous cycle of mutual reinforcement.

This open talent cultivation has also been widely recognized by the society and the employing unit gives the Institute a positive feedback. In recent years, the Institute has obtained a certain social contributions in terms of the equipment, collections and funding, which includes the education scholarship and other awards provided by the famous enterprises like Younger and Chaber.

List of Campus School-enterprise Research Center

  • Key Laboratory of Modern Fashion Design and Technology of Education Ministry

  • Chinese Dunhuang and Turfan Institute of Dyeing Clothing Committee

  • Functional Protective Clothing Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Clothing Ergonomic Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Clothing CAD Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Donghua ·Italina Jewelry Design Center

  • Clothing Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Donghua ·Younger Mens Wear Research Center

  • Institute of Occupational Clothing of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Donghua ·Swarovski Creative Design Center

  • Environmental Art Institute of Donghua University

  • Donghua · MenspoemKnitting R&D Center

  • Donghua · Jinxiuzhibei Lijin R&D and Design Center

  • Donghua · Decathlon Creative Design Center

  • Dunhuang Fashion Culture Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Fashion Culture and Fashion Industry Research Center of Fashion·Art Design Institute of Donghua University

  • Donghua · Knoch Fast Fashion Research Center

  • Donghua ·ASPOPLadies Fashion R&D Center

  • Donghua ·Ruiyuan Design Center

  • China Research and Development Center of Seamless Underwear

  • Donghua · GRYANA Jeans Brand Design and R&D Center

  • Donghua ·WdKA International Design Center

  • Donghua · Italy IED Brand Marketing and Fashion Design Centre

  • Donghua ·SangmyungInternational Cultural and Creative Center

  • Fashion Design Studio (Denmark ecco)

  • Donghua-PTC International Fashion PLM Research Center

  • Donghua ·Heng Yuan Xiang Ergonomic Research Center

  • Donghua University - International Creative Study Center for Knitwear

List of Off-campus Teaching Bases

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Baoxiniao

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Younger

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Dunhuang Art Research Center

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Kangyida

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Xinziyunlong

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Kaicheng

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Multimedia Industry Park

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Italina

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Matsuoka

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Bosideng

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Heilan

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Shang-Highstreet

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Esprit

  • Research and Design Centre for Donghua · Jinxiuzhibei Lijin

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Adidas (Shanghai)

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Menspoem

  • Donghua ·Xinling” Business Incubator

  • "Donghua ·Shang Highstreet LOFT" prolivon Brand Training Base

  • "Donghua · Shanghai International Fashion Center" Release Base of Teachers and Students Works

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua - Sumec

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Anyang

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Booz

  • Talent Practice Base for Donghua · Shanghai Garment Trade Association

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Karajan

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · EP

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Muyi

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Livex Group

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Ding Sheng Silk

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · 523

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Ameety

  • Donghua · Shaoxing County China Textile City

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua · Beifeng

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Sanxian

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·China Silk Museum

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·JEVONI

  • Creative Practical Base for Donghua · HATTERS'HUB

  • Off-campus Teaching Base for Donghua ·Huaji

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Future Land

  • Off-campus Key Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Suzhou Chuxing

  • Off-campus Key Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Lao Feng Xiang

  • Off-campus Key Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·Xin Hee

  • Off-campus Key Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·SXADL Design Research Institute

  • Joint Professional-Degree Postgraduate Cultivation Base for Donghua ·Caarany

  • Joint Professional-Degree Postgraduate Cultivation Base for Donghua ·Jiangsu Sunshine Group

  • Joint Postgraduate Cultivation Base for Donghua ·VGRASS

  • Off-campus Teaching Practice Base for Donghua ·DILAKS

 Campus Culture

Focusing on the students'overall development, the Institute has created a series of quality activities featuring campus culture, such as the Design Culture Festival, Fashion Street SnapContest, Creative Market, Summit Forum, Girls Day and Carnival, in the field of cultural life on campus to innovate activity carrier and to broaden students' horizons.

Promote the fashion culture. The fashion creative design featuring the campus culture is deepened by the academic forum, fashion celebration, creative contest, cultural performances, and achievement exhibitions on the annual "Greater Donghua Fashion Week" and "Creative Market". The fashion design competitions, photography and other forms of innovative competitions are popular with the students, which also gives a full interpretation to the characteristics of the Institutes professional disciplines.

Promote the academic culture. The Youth League Committee Branch of the Institute organizes a series of "summit forum" lectures to invite the famous artists in the professional fields, designers and students to share their expertise and insights on life. Combined with the characteristics of Fashion Creative disciplines, the Student Union of the Institute will annually hold an Academic Technology Culture Festival - Fashion Design Carnival, in which there are many lectures and creativities, reflecting the admiration of the Donghua students for the academic artistic heritage.

Promote the practical culture. Relying on international exchanges and cooperation with enterprises, the Institute provides a platform for students to participate in social practice. The students will be organized every year to have the summer social practice around the country, emerging a group of advanced collectives and individuals in the social practice.

Promote the volunteering culture. The Institute organizes the students to participate in volunteer activities inside and outside the school, so that the students can use their expertise to serve the society. Through the cooperation between DHU Youth Concern Committee and communities, the Institute carries out tutorial “love class for migrant children and builds up party-established and jointly established innovative cohesion engineering projects. By working with the Volunteer Management Departmentof Youth League in Changning District, it provides the students with volunteer opportunities to practice in maternal and child health care hospitals in Changning District. Through the "school-local cooperation” with the Youth League of Huai’an City, the students go out of the classroom to practice in the society. Combined with the expertise of Fashion, it organizes the stylish and lively practices and promotional activities loved by the community residents by the "Science Shop" to the community. By coordinating with the school's Propaganda Department and the Youth LeagueCommittee, it has organized the art students to actively participate in the cultural volunteering services of "Fashion Donghua" for many times. It has successfully participated in nearly 20 activities like the Shanghai International Arts Festival, the World Expo, the cultural tour of Chinese college student volunteers for foreign exchange,exhibition of cultural and creative works by youth and other national and municipal major activities, winning the affirmation of the Office of Chinese Language Council International, the Ministry of Education and the related leaders in Shanghai as well as the public praise.

Promote the innovative and entrepreneurial culture. The Institute attaches great importance to the creative research by students. Various contests of scientific and technological innovation offer students opportunities to show them, broaden the horizon and strengthen the exchanges. In recent years, the students have done a terrific job in competitions such as Challenge Cup, Scientific and Technological Innovation Cup and World of Wearable Art, and obtained the supreme honors in several top design contests, e.g., Germanys Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award and IDEA Awards. The Institute lays emphasis on students enterprising spirit, and actively strives for various resources to guide and train entrepreneurial teams, resulting in successful incubation of multiple small and micro enterprises.

The student activities are blooming and colorful. The concentrated study in the classroom echoes with the silk clothing and costumes on the show, forming the unique spirit of students of Fashion·Art Design Institute and it also has achieved a lot of honors.

  • TheYouth League Committee Branch of the institute was named to be “Shanghai "May 4th" Red Flag League Organization”

  • The sub-committee  of the institute was appraised as “Shanghai "May 4th" Featured Youth League”;

  • The Youth League Committee Branch of the institute was appraised as "Excellent Youth League Committee Branch of Donghua University”;

  • The Students Union was appraised as the "Excellent Students Union of Donghua University” and “Three-star Students Union of Donghua University ”;

  • The Science Shopwas appraised as "Shanghai Outstanding Science Shops and Excellent Store of Donghua University" for three consecutive years;

  • The Art and Design Association was appraised as "Shanghai Outstanding Artistic Community" and has obtained the highest honor of “Five-star Association of Donghua University” for four consecutive years;

  • The Graduate Students Union was appraised as “Four-star Graduate Students Union of Donghua University”.

(D·Dream International Illustration Invitational Exhibition)

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