How to Prepare the Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A?


What is A Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A?

A Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A will be issued by an applicant's target university, after reviewing a series of the required application materials and agreeing to admit one to study at the target university. 

It is a supporting application document used for one's application for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) through the designated dispatching authorities in his/her home country (e.g. the Chinese Embassy).

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How long it takes to receive a Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A?

After receiving the application form and all the required application materials, it will take three to four weeks for Donghua University to review and decide if a Pre-admission Letter will be issued to the applicant. 

If DONGHUA is Your Target University, please follow the guide below:

Step 1:  Check if Donghua university offers the program you plan to learn.

     --  Bachelor's Degree Programs  

     --  Master's Degree Programs:   

     --  Doctoral Degree Programs:    

Step 2:  Download  the 2023 Application Form of Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A.docx and prepare the documents listed in it.

Step 3:  Send the application form and the electronic version of the required documents

Step 4:  Wait for around 3-4 weeks to see if you will receive the Pre-admission Letter of CGS Category Type-A or not.