Chinese Bridge Summer Camp with “Charming Shanghai and Shanghai-style Fashion” for North American Students Opens


On June 17, sponsored by the Ministry of Education’s Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Donghua University launched the “Charming Shanghai and Shanghai-style Fashion” Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for North American. This summer camp brought together high school and middle school students from various schools across North America, who came with a strong interest in Chinese culture and a spirit of exploration, gathering in Shanghai from across the ocean.

At the opening ceremony, teachers from the International Cultural Exchange School warmly welcomed the students from afar, hoping they would deeply experience the charm of Shanghai-style fashion during the two-week camp, appreciate the beauty of Shanghai, and immerse themselves in China’s unique culture. Jeremy Friedlein, an American foreign teacher, delivered a keynote on “Strategies for Being Immersed into a New Culture”, sharing valuable advice and practical tips on how to quickly adapt to life in China, so that everyone could be better integrated into this vibrant city.

(Opening ofthe Camp)

The first fashion workshop of the summer camp was led by independent brand designer Lu Yao. He introduced his design concepts and principles, guiding students to create inspiration boards using sustainable materials. The students’ works were full of novelty, creativity, and imagination. Many incorporated Chinese characters, traditional auspicious patterns, and other elements of Chinese culture, aiming to highlight their understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

(Inspiration Boards Created by Students)

The summer camp’s curriculum and activities cleverly integrate the Universitys educational strengths with the goal of cultural exchange. Campers, alongside international students from around the world, study Chinese to gain a deeper understanding of China’s language and culture. They also enhance their practical skills through a series of lectures and workshops related to Shanghai-style fashion, deepening their insights into Chinese culture and aesthetics. The camp provides ample opportunities for students to interact with Chinese peers through extracurricular activities such as sports and visits to local secondary schools and universities, fostering cross-cultural teamwork and cultural exchange, broadening their horizons, and deepening friendships.

Built on various Chinese Bridge programs, Donghua University plans to leverage its strengths in international Chinese education and fashion design disciplines. Using Shanghai-style fashion as a platform and language teaching and cultural exchange as focal points, it aims to offer distinctive and high-quality courses to students worldwide, establishing a premium brand for studying at Donghua University.