DHU Partners with Top International Brands to Unveil Course Achievements


The “2024 Donghua University - Burberry Industry-Education Integration Design Innovation Exhibition” will be held from June to August at the Yan’an Road campus of Donghua University. Supported by the foundation of Burberry, this youth public welfare project is jointly undertaken by the Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center and the Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation. The project focuses on the sustainable fashion field with the theme “Design for Longevity”, offering interdisciplinary collaboration courses open to creative clothing design and fashion interior design majors.

Liu Qiuke, a student majoring in creative clothing design, showcased her award-winning new work “UBUNTU” at the exhibition. She explores and deconstructs uniforms and fashion, combining the main body of a checkered coat with a sailor suit’s typical collar. With elements of rebellion and personality, she incorporates “punk” aesthetics with leather trims and straps on sleeves and pockets.

The design heavily employs modular furniture in spatial arrangements, lending great flexibility to space transformation according to needs while integrating cultural elements for visual and emotional appeal. “Having the opportunity to learn and practice in a real brand environment is invaluable. This experience will be a treasure in our learning journey, inspiring me to continuously explore and innovate on the future design path,” said student participant Mou Runhan.