Science Popularization Exhibition on High-tech Textiles Unveiled at DHU


The Science Popularization Exhibition on High-tech Textiles was unveiled at Donghua University, mainly displaying the research results of Donghua University in the field of fiber materials and textile science and technology in recent years. Textile is more than clothing, food, housing and transportation. Modern textile science and technology has achieved more applications in the global development of the industrial system, which contributes not only to the development of the textile industry, but also the development of national defense, aerospace, medical and health care, construction and other industries, gradually bringing into forth a new quality textile productivity that feature science and technology, culture and green productivity.

On-board deployable antenna

In space, how do the Earth and the Moon communicate with each other? The Queqiao Relay Satellite has assumed the important role as the “interface for communication”, featured by its distinctive “golden umbrella”, which is a large deployable antenna on board. The metal mesh material is one of the key materials of the large deployable space antenna. On-board large-diameter ultra-high-precision metal mesh antenna is decisive in characterizing the level of various types of spacecrafts. Thanks to high forming precision with a curved surface, light structure, stable performance and other features, it has become a symbol of advanced satellite communication technology known for high reflectivity, strong unfolding reliability and strong wavelength adaptability. With this achievement, China has become the second country in the world that can develop a transceiver antenna with a caliber of more than 10 meters for common use following the United States.

Unpluggedluminous fiber

The unplugged luminous fiber is an energy interaction mechanism based on the coupled polarization of the human body, which captures the electromagnetic energy in the environment with the interacting object itself (the human body). The unplugged luminous fiber has three functional layers, including an antenna core for sensing alternating electromagnetic fields, a dielectric layer for storing the coupled electromagnetic energy and an optical interaction layer for visualizing the electric field. When the fiber comes into contact with human skin, an interfacial contact polarization capacitance is formed at the skin-fiber contact interface, which effectively captures ambient electromagnetic energy and excites the optically active layer to produce visible light. After human touch, the new fiber will show the “magic scene” of emitting light.

The Torch “Feiyang” of Beijing Winter Olympics

The torch “Feiyang” of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, once unveiled, attracted wide attention. As an important carrier of the concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Chinese culture, it embodies the vision and spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Different to the traditional enclosed design of the torch, the “Feiyang” torch for the Winter Olympics innovatively employs lightweight and high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber for its shell. Developed by a scientific research team, the Winter Olympics torch adopts carbon fiber three-dimensional weaving and resin injection molding technology to create perfect high-dimensional complex surfaces. The upper part is treated with high-temperature resin ceramization technology and sprayed with paint resistant to temperatures above 800°C. With a weight of less than 630g, it remains intact after falling from a height of 2 meters. A mathematical model from art to industrial products was established for the torch, and a three-dimensional spherical weaving machine was developed to complete the entire production process of weaving, molding, polishing, laser engraving, and spraying, to prepare a lightweight and sturdy torch shell, and present the “flying” (“Feiyang” in Chinese) posture of the Beijing Winter Olympics torch.

There are also garments that can deform and change color, human-computer interactive textiles, glass fiber knitted nets, deep-sea special ropes, and other high-tech exhibits waiting for you to explore. At the exhibition site, you can find also “glowing ropes” and “color-changing fabrics”, among others.