Shanghai Olympic Qualifier Series Highlights SCF’s Design Achievements


On May 19th, at the Huangpu Riverside Urban Park in Shanghai, the design creations of SCF were featured during the Olympic Qualifier Series. Among the attendees were Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), along with athletes and spectators. A special moment unfolded as the spotlight fell on Li Haoran, China’s BMX freestyle street champion, and Li Li, Secretary-General of the Cycling Association in Yangpu District, Shanghai. Their love story was symbolized by a pair of steel frame sculptures, while the wedding gowns designed by SCF students and teachers added a touch of creativity and romance to the occasion.

IOC President witnesses the enchanting romance of Li Haoran and Li Li

Li Li’s wedding dress was crafted from sustainable materials, featuring a bottom portion made entirely from upcycled hotel bed sheets. The veil was adorned with flowers crafted from PET plastic bottles, a creative touch aimed at breaking away from the constraints of traditional materials while symbolizing a connection to nature and environmental stewardship. Crista, SCF fourth-year Fashion student from Indonesia, expressed her desire to transcend the limitations of plastic bottles and evoke themes of nature’s protection and love through her design. Li Hao’s suit seamlessly blended sport elements with the Zhongshan style, incorporating donated materials from Dickies and Stella McCartney for a sustainable fashion approach. Inspired by the fluid movements of BMX, both the dress and suit featured curves in their designs, reflecting the dynamism of the sport. The SCF design team engaged in numerous rounds of discussion, from brainstorming initial design concepts to experimenting with fashion techniques, all while integrating innovative sustainable practices into their creative process.

The Wedding Dress Designed by SCF Team

Flowers Crafted from PET Plastic Bottles

(SCF Design Team Discussions)

Yunhan Hao, a fourth-year Fashion student, is dedication to her craft led to a stunning collection that seamlessly merged futuristic aesthetics with practicality. Drawing from Richard Fuller’s visionary concept, her designs embodied elegance and functionality, showcasing the potential of air-bearing membrane structures in fashion. The garment reflected Yunhan’s meticulous research and innovative approach, captivating audiences with its bold yet refined silhouette. As the debut of her collection concluded, Yunhan stood proud, knowing that her creations had successfully translated the spirit of the Manhattan Dome into wearable art.

(SCF Yunhan Hao was interviewed at the Fashion Show)

(Yunhan Hao’s Design Garment)

Founded in 2014, SCF is a transnational higher education institution jointly established by Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh. The two world-class universities share a commitment to the potential of creative disciplines to change the world for the better by challenging conventions and actively promoting the effective application of sustainable approaches.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of SCF. We aspire to further advance the sustainable growth of the fashion industry and foster internationally acclaimed, high-caliber, innovative talents. In alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are forging connections between education, research, and cross-industry sustainable design innovation networks, establishing an innovation hub for sustainable design.