Blending Tradition with Technology: Jiangnan Weaving Conference Exhibition Kicks Off


On May 10, the Jiangnan Weaving Conference Exhibition, hosted by Donghua University, commenced at the Yunjian Cultural and Art Center in Songjiang, Shanghai. The event offers a diverse array of activities, including comprehensive exhibitions, fashion showcases, and themed forums. The exhibition is structured into three main segments: Envision in Weaving, Cultivation in Weaving, and Tracing the Origins of Weaving. Alongside, the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs in fields such as textiles, materials, design, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence from DHU are on display, providing visitors with a profound exploration of the allure of Jiangnan weaving while experiencing the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. The exhibition will run until July 1 in the first exhibition hall of the Yunjian Cultural and Art Center in Songjiang District.

(Live scene of the event)

"To embrace the future with inheritance", modern textiles have transcended traditional concepts, finding increasingly extensive applications not only in aerospace but also promising ventures in large-scale aircraft manufacturing and even the biological realm. From serving "Beidou" with the "star-loaded antenna metal grid" to pioneering the use of "semi-rigid battery substrate glass fiber grid" as a key component in solar sail panels, from textile artificial blood vessel coating stents to the marvel of fibers that emit light without requiring a power source, and the innovative creation of low-carbon polypropylene fabric from regenerated meal box materials with initiative... Donghua's "weaving" power showcases a splendid synergy of "technology and mastery", brilliantly on display at the grand exhibition. Simultaneously, Donghua University's emerging designers showcased 60 original pieces divided into three chapters: "Tracing Origins","Deep Cultivation", and "Envisions", employing cutting-edge digital media technology to create a dynamic fusion of past and present in a captivating fashion show.