Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation Celebrates Its 10-year Birthday


The year 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF), Donghua University.

Since 2014, SCF’s close collaboration with the University of Edinburgh has yielded remarkable progress in talent training, cultural integration, and community services. SCF alumni are making waves across the globe, showcasing their creativity in fashion brands and design enterprises, thereby becoming the backbone of the design innovation sector.

On such special occasion, the unveiling ceremony of SCF Development Fund was held on April 25th, at the Donghua University Alumni Association House located on West Yan’an Road campus.

The Unveiling Ceremony of SCF Development Fund

SCF Development Fund is to benefit staff and students to enhance teaching and learning at SCF, and promote SCF’s high-quality, sustainable development. By fostering interdisciplinary integration and nurturing innovative talent, the fund endeavors to contribute to the growth of the fashion and creative sectors in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region.  

Ms. Yayin Yin, CEO of Yingliti Garments Co., Ltd. and Mr. Guangchao Yu, CEO of Zhejiang Ruijin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. exemplary alumni representatives, shared their inspiring stories and experiences, motivating young designers to relentlessly pursue their dreams. Their generous donation has injected a significant amount of vitality, not only empowering young designers to realize their ambitions but also supporting the sustainable growth of SCF.

Bringing together the vision and value from Donghua University and the University of Edinburgh, SCF combines the traditions and values of two world-class institutions, both of which share a commitment to the potential of creative disciplines to change the world for the better by challenging conventions and actively promoting the effective application of sustainable approaches.

SCF’s 10th Anniversary Visual System Launch Event

On 26th April, 2024 Graduation Exhibition and Fashion Innovation Degree Show kicked off at The INLET, fashion landmark in Hongkou District of Shanghai, during which SCF’s 10th anniversary visual system was launched, marking a series of festive celebrations. As one of the leading fashion colleges in China, SCF has been committed to building a world-leading fashion college, aligning with the strategic objectives of Shanghai city with the ambition to establish a dynamic hub of creative innovation. Through collaborative projects, partnerships with industry stakeholders, and knowledge exchange initiatives, SCF will leverage expertise and resources to support the development of local businesses, promote innovation, and foster sustainable growth.