Launch of the “Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Comfort of Bedding (Core)” project, led by Professor Xue Wenliang from the College of Textiles


From March 6 to 8, interTEXTILE was held in Shanghai. On the afternoon of March 6, the group standard project “Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Comfort of Bedding (Core)” held its launching ceremony at the 2024 High-Quality Sleep Summit (a concurrent event of Intertextile). The standard, with Professor Xue Wenliang from the College of Textiles at Donghua University as the head, was drafted together by Shanghai Mercury Home Textiles Co., Ltd., Donghua University, and Suzhou Silk and Garment Testing. The launch of the project was attended by Liu Zhaoxiang, Vice Chairman of China Home Textile Association, Zhang Tong, Director of the JST (the regulatory unit under the Standardization Administration’s secretariat), Guo Jianfeng, Vice Director of Suzhou Silk and Garment Testing, and Shen Shoubing, Technical Director of the Mercury Home Textiles Technology Center, along with Professor Xue Wenliang from Donghua University.


 (Live scene of the launch event, with Xue Wenliang on the far right)

Quality sleep is essential for human health, and comfortable bedding products are crucial in this respect. With increasing consumer focus on sleep quality, a variety of functional and material options for bedding products have emerged in the market. Addressing different sleep environments, the selection of comfortable bedding products has become a core concern for consumers and an important orientation for enterprises to develop new products.

At the launch event, Liu Zhaoxiang affirmed the significance, research methods, and content of the group standard project. He expressed hope that the standard development work would not only serve as a guidance for consumers to choose safe and comfortable bedding products but also lead and promote technological innovation from the supplying end of bedding products, thereby driving the overall innovation and development of the home textile industry.

Xue Wenliang noted that existing standards related to bedding cores primarily focus on the physicochemical properties of products. However, there is a significant disparity between evaluation results and consumers’ actual usage experiences. Therefore, the group standard for the “Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Comfort of Bedding (Core)” will incorporate both objective testing and sensory evaluation. It will establish a multi-level index evaluation system for bedding cores, zooming in on thermal and moisture comfort, contact comfort, and user experience. This marks the first time that a comprehensive evaluation method for bedding core products has been proposed.