Progress in Non-invasive Diagnostics and Prevention for Early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease Made by the Team of Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ting


The team of Zhang Yunlong and Chen Ting from the College of Biological Science and Medical Engineering has long been dedicated to the research and development of diagnostic and preventive products for cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In response to the challenges of early screening and prognosis monitoring for Alzheimer’s disease, the team has collaborated with industry partners to develop a series of human urine-based colloidal gold immunoassay test kits targeting Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers such as Alzheimer-associated neuronal thread protein (AD7c-NTP) and phosphorylated Tau protein (p-Tau181). The current detection limits of the products are 7-17 ng/mL for AD7c-NTP and 0.107-0.163 μg/mL for pTau181, respectively. When combined with clinical testing indicators, the accuracy rate can exceed 95%. These products are ideal choices for real-time and efficient pre-screening or prognosis monitoring of the elderly population.

This series of products was jointly developed with the Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai XINLI Health Management Co., Ltd., and Shanghai KUAICEJIE Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The College of Biological Science and Medical Engineering has signed a 3-year strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai XINLI Health Management Co., Ltd. This partnership aims to further promote the integration of academia and industry, strengthen the translation of research outcomes, and further cooperation in areas such as the development of immunoassay detection products, student internships, and employment bases.

Currently, the College has established the “Research Center for Nucleic Acid Drugs” and the “Immunochromatographic Detection Technology Laboratory” to spotlight key areas and critical technologies in the biopharmaceutical industry. And it will actively engage in academic research and collaborate with enterprises to develop preclinical disease-specific diagnostic and screening test kits, to refuel the development of the healthcare industry and better serve the “Healthy China” initiative.