DHU Secures the Research Fund for International Senior Scientists of NSFC


Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) unveiled the results of the 2023 project application evaluation. For the first time, DHU has been awarded an NSFC Research Fund for International Senior Scientists (RFIS), a program with only 59 grants awarded nationwide. The project is spearheaded by a German expert from the College of Biological Science and Medical Engineering at DHU. This achievement propels DHU into the forefront, as it is now the first university of the kind to achieve full coverage across all three tiers of the Research Fund for International Scientists: the Research Fund for International Young Scientists (RFIS-I), the Research Fund for International Excellent Young Scientists (RFIS-II), and the Research Fund for International Senior Scientists (RFIS-III). Previously, a Singaporean permanent foreign specialist within DHU College of Mechanical Engineering was granted the RFIS-II 2021 (among the 50 recipients for that year). Additionally, numerous young postdoctoral fellows from countries such as Iran, Pakistan, and Ethiopia secured funding through the RFIS-I. They conducted foundational scientific research within the College of Materials Science and Engineering.

The RFIS is strategically designed to support outstanding international researchers who willingly embark on research endeavors in China. These scholars are free to autonomously select their research topics within the NSFCs defined funding scope while actively engaging in fundamental research on the Chinese mainland. This initiative aims to foster long-term and stable academic collaborations and exchanges between Chinese and foreign scholars.