China’s First National Standard for Urban Furniture, Led by DHU Prof. Bao Shidu’s Team, Officially Released


In recent days, a set of national standards has been formally released and put into effect. These standards include Urban public facilitiesUrban furnitureTerminology (GB/T 42873-2023), Urban public facilitiesUrban furnitureGuidelines for system construction (GB/T 42874-2023), Urban public facilitiesUrban furnitureClassification (GB/T 42875-2023), and Urban public facilities serviceUrban furnitureEvaluation specification for system construction (GB/T 42876-2023). They were developed under the guidance of Prof. Bao Shidu and his team at DHU. This release marks Chinas first-ever national standard for urban furniture, addressing a long-standing gap in this field.

For decades, Prof. Bao Shidus team at DHU has dedicated themselves to the study and development of urban furniture. They have established a comprehensive theoretical framework, created standardized practices, and successfully executed numerous influential projects in the realm of urban furniture. Their notable achievements include designing China's inaugural model city showcasing standardized urban furniture.

Donghua University, a leading institution selected by Chinas “Double First-Class University Plan”, is at the forefront of fashion design. Simultaneously, it actively contributes to the development of both urban and rural areas. DHU plays a pivotal role in national urban planning and the construction of public infrastructure. With the publication of these four national standards for urban furniture, DHU has made a significant breakthrough and innovation in the field of urban furniture standardization in China. These standards provide clear guidelines and solidify the foundation for the systematic development of modern urban furniture in the Chinese style.