DHU Receives FISU “Health Campus” Certificate


DHU, along with Peking University, Chengdu University, and Chengdu Sport University, has been awarded the prestigious Healthy Campus certification by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The accreditation ceremony took place at the closing ceremony of Chengdu FISU World Conference on July 31, 2023. During the event, DHU President Yu Jianyong, received the certificate from FISU PresidentLeonz Eder.

The Healthy Campus program, led by FISU, aims to foster a campus sports culture, promote international exchanges, and highlight the physical education of comprehensive universities. DHU has been dedicated to constructing a healthy campus and joined the program in March 2021. Organized by the College of Physical Education, various DHU departments collaborated to establish standards covering  sports management, physical activities, nutrition, disease prevention, mental and social health, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, leading to the  successful completion of the “Healthy Campus” certification process.

DHUconsistentlyprioritizes students’ overall development, being one of the earliest institutions in China thatadvocate cultivating talents through physical education, a commitment they actively put into practice.DHU combines classroom teaching, extracurricular activities, and competitive events, to ensure that every student acquires proficiency in at least one sport.Currently, DHU boasts 39 university-level sports teams, 65 student sports clubs, and 17 faculty sports associations. It has achieved remarkable results in various sports such as football, pole vault, handball, shooting, and rock climbing, earning itself a distinguished reputation in society. As a testament to its success, DHU has secured a spot in the top 20 of the Chinese University Sports Competition Rankings”.