An Article Get Published on Environmental Science & Technology By Prof. Liu Yanbiao


Recently, Professor LiuYanbiao, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, DHU, and his research team made new progress in fluidic electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis. The research result, “Fluidic MXene Electrode Functionalized with Iron Single-Atoms for Selective Electrocatalytic Nitrate Transformation to Ammonia,” was published in Environmental Science & Technology, one of the top environmental journals.

Deep removal and resource utilization of nitrate in water is a hot topic in current research. Electrocatalytic nitrate reduction technology is expected to convert nitrate into high-value ammonia, which can achieve a win-win result of pollutant removal and resource utilization. Prof. Liu’s team developed a novel fluid electrocatalytic reaction system, which performed great electrocatalytic activity, ammonia selectivity, Farady efficiency and catalytic stability under complex water matrix conditions (tap water, lake water, strong acid/alkali wastewater).  

(Preparation and characterization of FeSA/MXene membrane electrode)

(Performance test of FeSA/MXene membrane electrode to electrocatalytic nitrate ammonia production)

(Diagrams of active species detection, reaction path calculation and reaction mechanism)

This research result is expected to provide a reference for developing efficient electrocatalysts in electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis. The first author of this article is Ren Yifan, a Ph.D. student in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Class 2021. Prof. Liu is the sole communication author of the article, with DHU as the sole communication institution.