Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop With Transnational Pairing Started


On May 12, the opening ceremony of the intangible cultural heritage workshop “Creative Design on Traditional Embroidery” was held at Donghua University.

Intangible cultural heritage is an important symbol of the historical and cultural achievements of a country and a nation and a significant part of excellent traditional culture. The promotion and implementation of the ICH research and training program is the initiative practice of DHU to promote traditional Chinese culture and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Education and Research Center of the College of Fashion and Design has carefully designed and arranged the study and training program, hoping that the students will make full use of this learning opportunity to create more masterpieces and better promote Chinese traditional culture through study, practice, visits and seminars.

The tenth workshop “Creative Design on Traditional Embroidery” of DHU meets the 20th Greater Donghua Fashion Week and the 30th anniversary of the College of Fashion and Design. Workshop Students could work together with young designers from universities at home and abroad to write a beautiful story of non-traditional heritage.

In this workshop, the “Transnational Pairing” teaching and exchanging method is applied again. 22 students from Guizhou Province and design major students from Donghua University, Hanyang University and Keimyung University establish a “2+2” four-member team, with two workshop students and two designers (one Chinese and one international) to complete a series of two fashion sets.