The First Textile ISO International Standard Led by DHU Released


Recently, an international standard led by DHU: “Textiles-Determination of Components in Flax Fibres” (ISO 5773:2023) was officially released and implemented on the official website of International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This standard is the first ISO international standard developed by China in the field of natural cellulose fibers in the past ten years, which is led by Li Weidong, professor-level senior engineer of the College of Textiles of DHU and executive deputy director of the Textile Testing Center of DHU.

The official release of the ISO international standard “Textiles-Determination of Components in Flax Fibres” is China’s independent research and development of methodological standards. This standard fills the gap of relevant test methods at home and abroad, provides a unified international standard for flax fiber component content test and an important evaluation means and basis for its raw material analysis and textile processing quality control. Besides, it has great significance for regulating the flax fiber trade in the international market and guiding the raw material procurement and production processing of enterprises.

ISO 5773:2023 international standard-setting work was first proposed in 2019, led by Li Weidong. The working group members include 44 experts from 14 countries around the world, including flax fiber production and processing enterprises, distributors, research and development and production units and research institutes and others. Lasted for 4 years, the project conducted research on more than 200 flax-fiber-related enterprises around the world, went through hundreds of scientific experiments and organized three ISO working group international meetings and experienced several rounds ofstrict technical review of ISO technical committee. The draft standard was approved by experts from various countries and finally adopted by the International Committee for Standardization at the end of April this year.