DHU Researcher Zhang Guojun Selected as “Chinese Most Cited Researchers”


Researcher Zhang Guojun, from the Institution of Functional Materials, Donghua University, is selected as one of the 2022 “Chinese Most Cited Researchers” by the international publishing group Elsevier.

Researcher Zhang Guojun is an international expert in preparation science and performance research of boride ceramics and non-oxide ceramic reaction sintering. Elected as an academician of the World Academy of Ceramics in 2021, he is dedicated to researching phase equilibrium relationship, densification and microstructure regulation and toughness mechanism of non-oxide ceramic systems. Researcher Zhang Guojun presides over several national key projects, including 3 Key Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 300 articles in mainstream international journals in ceramics, such as Journal of American Ceramic Society, Journal of European Ceramic Society and Journal of Advanced Ceramics. He led his team to develop multi-system and multi-specification high-purity ultra-high temperature ceramic powders, which greatly improved high-temperature mechanical properties based on ultra-high temperature ceramic components and microstructure design. He and his team also innovated and developed ceramic materials’ in-situ reaction synthesis technology, explored several practical in-situ reaction systems, and successfully realized the micro-structure and property regulation of multiphase ceramics.