Vice President: LIU Shuhui


LIU Shuhui

Liu Shuhui, female, of Han nationality, was born in Xinzhou of Shanxi Province in December 1973. As an Associate Professor and Master of Management with on-job postgraduate diploma, Liu now serves as a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Donghua University. She was once a delegate of the tenth Party Congress of Shanghai.

Since December 2007, she has successively served as a member of the Party Committee, Director of the Student Affairs Office, Head of the Organization Department of the Party Committee,Executive Vice President of the Party School, and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Donghua University.

Liu has devoted herself to the ideological and political education, and the construction of fundamental party organizations in universities. She has published academic papers in many journals, such as China's Higher Education, Ideological and Theoretical Education, Shanghai Education. She presided over and completed projects such as Research on the Whole Process of Integrating the Socialist Core Value System into the Ideological and Political Education of University Students supported by the Department of Ideological and Political Affairs of the Ministry of Education, Research on the Harmonious Management of University Student Work and Research on the Effective Ways to Cultivate Reserve Cadres in Universities supported by the Shanghai Municipal Education Development Foundation, etc. Besides, she  was the chief editor of University Students' Employment and Entrepreneurship Tutorial, and participated in the compilation of books such as Facing Employment and Entering University. In 2000, she won the Sangma Prize and Fund for Teachers; In 2003, she was awarded the title of Shanghai New Long March Commando.