2022 International Shanghai Fashion Season Launching Ceremony and Shanghai Style Menswear Research and Application Conference Held in Donghua University


On November 16, the launching ceremony of the 2022 International Shanghai Fashion Season and the Shanghai Style Menswear Research and Application Conference was held in Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center. At the conference, President Yu Jianyong and Chairman Zhang Yan of Brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. together inaugurated the Donghua·Brother Creative Design Center. Funded jointly by Brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. and Brother Machinery Commercial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Donghua·Brother Creative Design Center is an integral part of the "integrated" experimental platform of Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center. It is equipped with brand flagship products such as embroidery machines, overlock sewing machines, sewing machines, digital printers and labeling machines, and serve research and development and customization of various products through regular experience courses for teachers and students inside and outside the university.

As one of the series of activities of the first World Design Cities Conference, the 2022 International Shanghai Fashion Season and the Shanghai Style Menswear Research and Application Conference set eyes on the core concept of "New Shanghai Style Fashion Life". A research team composed of more than 20 experts and scholars from Donghua University, based on the research path of "historical data collection-data research-tracing and classification-image reproduction", collected more than 2,000 relevant materials in 7 categories, and finally delivered a collection of color atlas, material atlas, style atlas, pattern atlas, antique objects and images, showing the evolution of Shanghai style menswear over the past century. On this basis, the design team of Donghua University also designed and developed the 2022 Shanghai style concept menswear as an exploration of the new trends of menswear in the new era.

The Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society has joined hands with well-known menswear brands and accessories brands in the Yangtze River Delta, such as BAROMON, HANART, THREEGUN, Kailu, Dingtian, Banyu, Pieedenton, Conch Shanghai, and Silky Elite, to design and create in the five major categories of dress, uniform, informal wear, casual wear and home wear with a novel, unique and advanced innovative perspective in combination with cutting-edge new materials, new technology, new structure and many other elements, around the three major themes of classic, urban and street style. At the conference, students from Donghua dressed in Shanghai style concept menswear showcased the new trends arising from the legacy of vintage Shanghai fashion, bringing a mixed experience of inheritance and classics to audiences at the scene.

(Show of Shanghai style concept menswear)

In recent years, Donghua University has taken the initiative to give full play to the advantages of its featured disciplines such as textiles, materials, and design, adhered to the school-running characteristics of integrating production, learning, research and application, undertaken various major scientific research tasks in the China and Shanghai, and established a talent education and coordination mechanism for the integration of production and education. The establishment of "Donghua·Brother Creative Design Center" is a down-to-earth action for the university to bring into play its advantages and characteristics and serve the development of Shanghai's fashion and creative industries. In the future, Donghua University will invest more efforts into exploring the excellent traditional clothing culture in China, and promote the exchange of Shanghai style culture and international folk customs in light of latest international fashion trends, to create world-recognized Chinese brands, drive the development of Shanghai's fashion industry, and empower Shanghai's core urban competitiveness.