【CGS】Chinese Government Scholarship: High-level Postgraduate Program (CGS Category Type-B)


Study at Donghua University with

Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS) -

High-level Postgraduate Program

[CGS Category Type-B]

2024 intake


In order to enhance the Double First-Class construction of the colleges and universities, the Chinese  - Government Scholarship has set up a high-level postgraduate program, adopting the principle of individual application, institution recommendation, expert review, and merit-based admission to select international candidates with excellent academic background, professional ability, and future development potential studying for a master's or doctoral degree in Chinese universities.

* The following content is formulated in accordance with the Management Measures for Chinese Government Scholarship and the interpretation right belongs to the International Students Office of Donghua University.





1. Applicants: Excellent international students applying for DHUs masters or doctoral degree (full-time academic degree)

2. Applicable programs/majors: DHUs masters and doctoral academic degree programs offered for the 2024 intake

3. Enrollment time: September 2024

4. Academic duration: 3 years for a master's degree, 4 years for a doctoral degree

5. Scholarship Coverage: full scholarship – during the above-mentioned academic duration:

 - A waiver of tuition fee;  

 - A waiver of medical insurance fee; 

 - A waiver of on-campus dorm fee; 

 - Monthly stipend (RMB3,000/month for a masters student, RMB3,500/month for a doctoral student).

6. Application deadline: February 28, 2024


2024 Master's Degree Program: Programs List  / Application Eligibility & Guide

2024 Doctoral Degree Program: Programs List  /  Application Eligibility Guide



1. From now on - February 28th, 2024   

     (Submit your application to DHU online)

Register at DHUs online application system at https://admissions.dhu.edu.cn (if you already have your own account, please log in directly), fill in the blanks, and upload all the application materials required by DHU. 

1. The applicant must apply by him/herself instead of any intermediary agencies or other agents. Once found, the scholarship application qualification will be canceled.

2. Applicants are not allowed to enjoy at the same time any other entrance scholarships financed by Chinese governments at all levels and admission institutions (excluding various one-time awards). Once found, their qualifications for Chinese government scholarships will be canceled, and the granted amounts that have been collected must be returned. Those who deliberately conceal their status of the above-mentioned scholarships support will be canceled the scholarship qualification and not be allowed to apply for Chinese government scholarships within three years. 

3. Documents not in Chinese or English must be submitted together with notarized Chinese/English translation versions, or Chinese/English translation versions provided by the issuing institution.

4. The materials uploaded through the online application system must be clear, true and valid. It is recommended that the applicant use professional equipment to scan the documents. The applicant shall be responsible for the consequences caused by unclear or unrecognizable materials. 

5. After submitting the application, keep checking your email left in the online application system, and submit or update relevant documents as required by the university. After the materials are complete and the application fee is paid online, the application will be considered“done”and enter the Under Review status.

6. Applicants whose status is Under Review may be informed to participate in the interview or test organized by the university. Please be sure to pay attention to the email about the relevant notification. Failure to participate in the designated time will be regarded as automatically giving up this scholarship application. 

7. During the universitys winter vacation, the processing will slow down. Processing will be suspended during and around the Spring Festival holiday.


2. From January - March 20th

    (Complete your application at CGSIS if having received DHU's Pre-admission Letter)

Applicants who pass the university's review will receive the Pre-admission Letter via the universitys official email. Then log in to the CGS information system (CGSIS) https://www.campuschina.org/  (Category Type-B, Agency number 10255), and upload the required application materials. After completing the submission, immediately inform the university of the serial number of the CGS scholarship application form. 

1. After filling in at CGSIS the personal information, select Category Type-B, then write down Donghua Universitys agency 10255, your study plan, and then upload the electronic version of the required application materials. There is no application fee to pay at CGSIS.

2. If failed to inform the university of the serial number of the CGS scholarship application form in time, an applicant may lose the opportunity to be recommended for this scholarship.


3. March 20-March 30

    (DHUs nomination)

Donghua University will select, publicize and nominate d high-level postgraduate scholarship candidates to the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

1. If the recommendation succeeds, please wait patiently for CSCs expert review in the next two months.

2. If the recommendation fails, ones application will be automatically transferred to the review process of other entrance scholarships (such as Shanghai Government Scholarship, etc.).


4. April-June

     (CSCs expert review)

CSC organizes experts to review the candidates' academic performance, comprehensive capacities, and development potential, etc.


5. July-August

     (Result announcement)

Donghua University will announce to the candidates the final admission results decided by CSC.

1. After the candidates have confirmed their acceptance of the announced admission results, Donghua University will issue a formal admission document package.

2. Candidates who do not receive high-level postgraduate scholarships will have the opportunity to receive other entrance scholarships.


6. End of August – Beginning of September

    (Freshmen enrollment)

Scholarship recipients apply for a student visa and come to Donghua university to complete the registration procedures for freshmen enrollment within the time specified by the university. 

1. Those who do not process freshmen enrollment without approval from the university will be canceled the qualifications of learning at DHU as well as enjoying the scholarship.

2. Scholarship recipients must submit the original application materials for verification at the freshmen enrollment. If the documents are found to be missing or falsified, the qualifications of learning at DHU as well as enjoying the scholarship will be canceled.

3. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to change the admission institution, study program/major as well as the study period indicated on the Admission Notice.

4. Scholarship recipients must participate in the annual scholarship review in accordance with the relevant regulations. Those who fail to pass will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship.