Nov 25th, 2023 【LÈ XUÉ Chinese Online】Minor Snow & Hotpot


Do you know what Chinese people like to eat most in winter? HOTPOT! Join us online and learn some Chinese while enjoying this Winter Feast.

LÈ XUÉ Chinese

Minor Snow (Chinese: 小xiǎo 雪 xuě), the 20th solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, is when snowy winter starts in China's northern areas.


Hot Pot (Chinese: 火huǒ锅guō) is a flavorful broth traditionally served inside a large metal pot. Raw ingredients are placed into the simmering broth and thus cooked. The cooked pieces are dipped into dipping sauces for additional flavor. Hot pot is one of the main Chinese cuisines.

Join us online on November 25th and enjoy a feast with us