Progress in In Situ Electrochemical Kinetic Characterization​ Made by Ma Yimeng’s Research Team


The research team headed by Researcher Ma Yimeng and Xu Hong at the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, DHU, has published a research paper, Kinetics of Active Oxide Species Derived from a Metallic Nickel Surface for Efficient Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation, in ACS Energy Letters,an internationally distinguished journal. Yuan Yuling, a doctoral student at the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, is the first author; Researcher Ma and Xu are the co-corresponding authors; DHU is the first corresponding affiliation.

The research, by employing operando spectroelectrochemistry, identifies the electrochemical water oxidation reaction kinetics on metallic nickel compared to nickel oxyhydroxide. The results reveal the underlying mechanism of the higher water oxidation efficiency of nickel oxide derived from metallic nickel, and emphasize the importance of surface oxidized nickel for optimizing electrodes toward efficient water oxidation using nickel or nickel-containing materials.

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