Progress in High-performance Liquid Crystalline Polymer Made by You Zhengwei and Guan Qingbao's Team


Recently, the research team led by You Zhengwei and Guan Qingbao at the College of Materials Science and Engineering(CMSE) of DHU has made progress in high-performance liquid crystalline polymer. The research result High-Performance Liquid Crystalline Polymer for Intrinsic Fire-Resistant and Flexible TriboelectricNanogenerators was publishedin Advanced Materials. The first author is Associate Researcher Guan Qingbao and the corresponding author is Prof. You Zhengwei.

(Molecular structure and advantages of the new LCP-TENG)

The research has designed a new high-performance liquid crystalline poly(aryl ether ester) (LCPAEE) with superior dielectric properties and fire-resistance. Asan indispensable part of triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG), it endows TENG with outstanding anti-dripping, temperature- and fire-resistance, thus overcoming the challenges in the application of TENG in extreme environments such as fire fighting and personal protection. LCPAEE is expected to be applied in other extreme environments, and its molecular design will shed a light on the development of other high-performance materials.

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