Breakthrough in Thermoelectric Materials MadebyProf. Jiang Guan and Prof. Wang Lianjun's Research Team


The research team headed by Prof. Jiang Guan and Prof. Wang Lianjun at the College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) of DHU has made crucial progress in thermoelectric materials. The research result Mg3(Bi,Sb)2-based Thermoelectric Modules for Efficient and Reliable Waste-heat Utilization up to 750 K was published in Energy & Environmental Science and featured on the cover page. The co-first authors are Fu Yuntian, a PhD student from CMSE and Dr. Zhang Qihao from IFW Dresden, Germany; the co-corresponding authors are Prof. Wang Lianjun, Prof. Kornelius Nielsch and Dr. Zhang Qihao.

The research has realized electricity generation at mid-temperature by Mg3(Bi,Sb)2-based thermoelectric(TE) modules, proving the feasibility and scalability of using this material to produce mid-temperature power generation devices. The research, covering the study from materials to devices, provides a viable way for developing efficient, stable and low-cost TE modules.

(Performance of Mg3(Bi,Sb)2-based TE module in comparison to that of its mid-temperature counterparts)

(Properties of n-type Mg3(Bi,Sb)2 and screening of barrier layer materials)

(Device structure design, integration and performance)

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