First PCR Cabin Lab of Colleges in Shanghai Launches at DHU


Recently, Donghua University PCR cabin laboratory was officially opened, which is the first PCR cabin lab opened in Shanghai universities, enabling Donghua to test COVID-19 nucleic acid samples independently. PCR lab, also called gene amplification lab, uses fluorescent quantitative PCR method to amplify specific DNA fragments, making the virus easier to be tested. The nucleic acid testing of COVID-19 mainly adopts this technique.


The total area of the PCR lab is 570, among which the core PCR lab area is 108, and the rest is consumables warehouse, office area and general laboratory. The lab is set up with 3 standard PCR partitions with independent buffer, independentcontamination passage area, and independent human flow, logistics and contamination flow paths. The daily testing volume reaches up to 10,000 tubes. Now, the lab has passed P2 lab and COVID-19 testing qualification acceptance check, completed various testing pressure tests and process specification formulation, and can independently carry COVID-19 nucleic acid testing work.

(A tester is numbering samples and entering information)