Chen Qianjin’s Research Team Published A Perspective Article in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


Recently, the research team headed by Chen Qianjin, a distinguished researcher from the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology(CCEB), published a prospective titled “Single-Entity Electrochemistry of Nano- and Microbubbles in Electrolytic Gas Evolution” in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,an international journal of chemistry. Chen Qianjin is the first author, Zhao Jiao, a master’s student from CCEB, is the second author, and DHU is the corresponding unit.

The research is of great significance to the rational design of efficient devices for electrolytic energy conversion. The Perspective discusses the advantages and limitations of the existing electrochemical measurement of nano- and microbubbles, and presents the current challenges and prospects of this research field.

(Electrochemical measurement of single gas bubbles

by scanning electrochemical cell microscopy)