Chinese Program for International Students Re-accredited by EAQUALS


Recently, the Chinese program of the International Cultural Exchange School has been re-accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services (EAQUALS). The organization conducts a comprehensive review of its accredited members every four years to ensure that all criteria are met. This accreditation will be valid until June 30, 2026. It is the first re-certification after being accredited by the organization in 2018. The faculty and staff made a concerted effort to have the program pass all the online examinations.

The accreditation was conducted from May 11-13, 2022 through the ZOOM videoconferencing platform and ClassIn teaching platform. Two assessment experts appointed by EAQUALS carefully reviewed the achievements of our Chinese program over the past four years by combining the twelve indicators of the accreditation criteria. During the period, the experts entered classes online and listened to all the live courses offered by the Chinese Language Center and watched the live recordings of courses and cultural activities that could not be entered due to time differences, and held 16 discussions with college leaders, teacher leaders, administrative staff, teacher and student representatives on topics such as college operation, teaching quality assurance, resource construction, teacher and student services, etc., and checked relevant online documents, test papers, lesson plans, attendance records, meeting records, and other electronic materials.

The accreditation results showed that all 12 indicators of our Chinese program met the EAQUALS standards, with the number of indicators rated as excellent increasing from 2 in the first accreditation to 8, namely administration and management, quality assurance, staff communication, curriculum design and support, academic resources, student services, staff development, and learning environment.