Another Program of DHU Enters the "First Tier" of Global Engineering Education


Recently, China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA) released the latest notice that a total of 422 programs have passed the engineering education accreditation and 460 programs have passed the mid-term audit of engineering education accreditation. Among them, "Composites and Engineering" of Donghua University has passed the engineering education accreditation, and "Polymer Materials and Engineering" and "Fashion Design and Engineering" have passed the mid-term audit of engineering education accreditation. So far, a total of 7 programs of the university have passed the engineering education accreditation, and the accredited programs will be included in the mutual recognition list of the Washington Accord. It marks that the quality of these programs has achieved substantial international equivalence and entered the "first tier" of global engineering education.

The Washington Accord is an international mutual recognition agreement for the accreditation of professional engineering academic degrees, which aims to establish a commonly recognized engineering education accreditation system, achieve substantial equivalence of engineering education standards among countries, promote the improvement of engineering education quality, and lay the foundation for the international mutual recognition of engineer qualifications. The Washington Accord is the most authoritative among global engineering alliances, and is an agreement with a high degree of internationalization and a relatively complete system, and is also the threshold and foundation for joining other related agreements. China became the 18th full member of the agreement in 2016, and an undergraduate degree in engineering from mainland China accredited by China Engineering Education Professional Accreditation Association (CEEAA) under the China Association for Science and Technology will be recognized by all full members of the Accord in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Donghua University has always attached great importance to the accreditation of academic qualifications. At present, 7 programs, namely, Mechanical Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Composites and Engineering, Automation, Textile Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, have successively passed the national accreditation of academic qualifications in professional engineering.

At the same time, the university takes the lead in carrying out systematic accreditation of Humanities and Social Science degrees among domestic universities by drawing on the concept of the Washington Accord and its own experience, and formulating the accreditation standards for Humanities and Social Science degrees. A number of Humanities and Social Science programs, such as Japanese, Finance, and E-commerce, have passed the independent accreditation, and the concept and process of accreditation have been highly recognized by the expert group.