DHU Progressed in Two Newly Released University Rankings


In the latest Nature Index (data from March 1st, 2021 to February 28th, 2022), DHU ranks 47th among Chinese mainland universities and 202nd worldwide. The latter is increased by 36 compared to last year. Nature Index, first released in November, 2014, is a major reference for academic performance evaluation of research institutions. It mainly calculates the number of research papers published in 82 journals by research institutions in the previous year. The natural sciences journals,including Nature, Science, Cell and their series, are divided into four categories, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, life sciences and physics.

DHU has also risen in the list of "Best Chinese Majors Ranking 2022" released by Shanghai Ranking. Shanghai Ranking is a professional agency for higher education while the list involves 568 undergraduate majors and the top 50% universities providing these majors are listed. DHU has 58 majors listed in the Ranking, up by 3 compared to the number of the previous year. Among them, 14 majors are recognized as Chinese top 10 majors, 5 majors are evaluated as Grade A+ and 23 majors Grade A. Meanwhile, textiles related majors of DHU are ranked 1st these years continuously.