Notice on Shifting to Quasi-closed-off Campus Management



Notice on Shifting to Quasi-closed-off Campus Management


According to the unified arrangement of epidemic prevention and control by Shanghai education system, the Songjiang Campus and Yan'an Road Campus will shift from closed-off management to quasi-closed-off management as approved by the higher authorities, and the following is the notice on related matters.



I. Quasi-closed-off campus management

From 15:00 on March 19 (Saturday), Songjiang Campus and Yan'an Road Campus will be under quasi-closed management. In principle, students, faculty, and staff should not move across campuses, and the shuttle bus between campuses will be suspended. The end time of the quasi-closed management will be announced according to the instructions of higher authorities.


II. Strict management of departure from and return to school


Students, faculty, and staff can apply to leave and return to school in accordance with the relevant requirements, provided that they have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the departure and return process.

1. 离校人员管理要求


1. Requirements for the management of people leaving the campus

During the period of quasi-closed-off management, students, faculty, and staff can apply to leave the school according to their needs. Those who meet the conditions for leaving school (with a fixed residence in Shanghai and confirmed acceptance by the destination community) can apply for leaving school through the WeChat Work “Application for Leaving School During the Quasi-closed-off Period” and can leave school after approval by the university. Students, faculty, and staff who leave school shall not return to the campus unless it is necessary. When they return to the area of residence, they shall consciously comply with the requirements of community epidemic prevention and control and adhere to the rule of “not leaving Shanghai unless it is necessary”.

2. 进校人员管理要求


2. Requirements for the management of people entering the campus

Students, faculty, and staff who do need to return to campus enter the campus in an orderly manner according to the department/college arrangements. All staff entering the university must provide two negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours (sampling interval is not less than 24 hours), health code and travel code and temperature measurement. Students, faculty, and staff will fill out an application through WeChat Work “Application for Entering School During the Quasi-closed-off Period” and will be allowed to enter the campus after approval by the university. One to two days of health observation and a negative nucleic acid test report are needed before getting back to work. In principle, external personnel shall not enter the campus.



III. Orderly implementation of education and teaching

During the quasi-closed-off management period, lessons are conducted online. Other teaching activities can be carried out offline moderately under the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention. On-campus students can carry out scientific research experiments under the on-site guidance of teachers, and priority is given to guarantee the urgent experimental tasks of students graduating in June this year. Undergraduate thesis (design) and postgraduate dissertation shall be written and revised according to the original plan. Off-campus internship and practice are currently suspended for students living on campus.



IV. Orderly conduct of scientific research activities

During the quasi-closed management period, the scientific research experiments to be carried out shall be subject to risk assessment, analysis of risk factors, countermeasures, and emergency plans. To strengthen the safety responsibility system of laboratories and research sites, it should be clarified that the project leader is the first person responsible for the safety of the project, and students must have teachers on duty to guide the experiments. To strengthen the safety inspection of laboratories and research sites, the cleaning and disinfection as well as standardized management should be performed to ensure the implementation of the epidemic prevention measures and safety requirements.



V. Strict management of various venues

During the period of quasi-closed management, canteen dining should implement staggered hours and limited flow. Food should be packed and taken away. Dine-in is prohibited to ensure safety and order. The opening of libraries and sports venues should adopt reservation mechanism, staggered peak, staggered area, limited flow, and other measures.



VI. Strict management of on-campus activities

During the period of quasi-closed management, activities should adhere to the principle of “not held if not necessary”. Offline activities shall not be held. As for activities that do need to be held, it should be switched to online platform.



VII. Strict management of takeaway and express delivery

During the quasi-closed-off management period, all types of takeaways are prohibited from entering the school, taking into account the implementation of disinfection and food safety requirements. On-campus express stations and distribution points will be restored in an orderly and gradual manner in accordance with the actual situation and in compliance with the requirements of the school’s disinfection norms. Express items will be distributed and dispatched again after completing the regulated disinfection in the temporarily established buffer zone.



VIII. Strengthening the health management of teachers and students

During the period of quasi-closed management, students, faculty, and staff are required to undergo a weekly nucleic acid test. Daily body temperature should be measured. Everyone should pay attention to their health condition and self-protection, keeping social distance and following dos and don’ts, maintaining good hygiene habits and a healthy lifestyle.




IX Strengthen humanistic care and service protection

All departments should continue to care for teachers and students, respond to concerns in a timely manner, implement measures to help those in need and strengthen service protection. A 24-hour psychological counseling hotline (400-098-0708 ext. 9, 962525, 12355) is opened. The campus should give full play to the power of student party members and backbone, strengthen self-education and management, and build up a network of mutual concern among students.

The university will adjust the relevant measures according to the changes of the epidemic situation and the requirements of the higher authorities in due course.




March 19, 2022