Notice on Enhancing School Gate Control



Notice on Enhancing School Gate Control


DHU has, according to the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to further strengthen COVID-19 prevention and control on campus, started closed-off management in a timely manner. If all members test negative for coronavirus in at least two rounds of mass nucleic acid testing the school organizes, DHU will shift from closed-off management to quasi-closed-off management, and the two campuses will shift to quasi-closed-off management pending further notice of the school.


The following school gate control requirements are to be complied with for the days to come:

一、严格学校校内人员(含车辆)进出管理,所有进校人员逐一核查。封闭管理期间,不进不出,请大家理解配合。准封闭管理期间,进校的所有师生员工须凭在沪48 小时内2 次核酸检测阴性报告(间隔24 小时)及出示校园卡,测温无异常后,方可进入延安路校区和松江校区。当日不可重复进校。

1. Entry and exit of school personnel (including vehicles) are to be strictly controlled, and all personnel entering the school will be checked one by one. It is to be understood that during the closed-off management period, no entry or exit will be allowed. During the quasi-closed-off management period, all students and faculty and staff entering the school may enter Yan'an Road Campus and Songjiang Campus only after presenting two negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours in Shanghai (with an interval of 24 hours) and the campus card, and with normal temperature measured. Re-entry to the school on the same day is not allowed.


2. In principle, external personnel are not allowed to enter the school. Those who do need to enter must be approved by the school's COVID-19 prevention and control working group (applicable with the same requirements for teachers and students to enter the school) and must wear their facial masks throughout the process. External personnel and vehicles may enter Yan'an Road Campus from the West Zhongshan Road entrance (except supply distribution trucks, garbage trucks and special vehicles); external personnel and vehicles may enter Songjiang Campus from the west gate of Guangfulin Road entrance.


3. Takeaways and parcels are prohibited from entering the campuses.


4. In order to maintain order, please do as told by the on-site security personnel, who are entitled to bar from entering the school those who refuse to do as what they are told or do not comply with the school's COVID-19 prevention and control requirements.


5. School gate management will be coordinated. No. 18 to 20, Lane 911, West Zhongshan Road, and No. 40 to 56, Lane 220, Anshun Road are to be locked down along with Yan’an Road Campus. The Anshun Road entrance, No. 38 gate and the inner gate to the Creative Park are to be closed; the entrance at No. 388 Longteng Road and No. 1 post of Lane 300, Wenhui Road (the east entrance) of Songjiang Campus are to be closed and vehicles are prohibited from entering the entrance at Lane 300, Wenhui Road (except supply distribution trucks and special vehicles).


6. The school will make timely adjustments to the control measures for personnel entering the campus entrances, vehicle entry and exit channels, etc., depending on the COVID-19 situation.


This Notice will be implemented from the date of issuance.



Security Office

March 14, 2022