3S-CTCP: 2018 Preview



3S-CTCP  Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Costume Program


  2018 PREVIEW


Duration:  Jun. 25th ~ Jul. 20th, 2018  (4 weeks)
Venue:  Yan'an Road Campus (downtown campus at No. 1882 West Yan'an Road)

The Chinese Traditional Costume Program (3S-CTCP) hosted by Donghua University (DHU) is a sub-program of Shanghai Summer School and was initiated in the year of 2014. It aims to help the participants gain a profound understanding of Chinese traditional costumes as well as their modern development. Shanghai municipal government will offer a certain financial support.


What will be experienced?

Ø Lectures on the basic knowledge: Chinese traditional costume art, history, comparison between Chinese and western art, Shanghai style fashion trend and innovation, etc. 

Ø Assignment based on the field trip: it consists of in-class preparation on the description and understanding of the assignment, as well as the task allocation and field visit guided by the lecturer.

Ø Field trips will be guided with the professional introduction in the museums, fashion studio, etc. 

Ø Mandarin course offers basic language learning and apparel professional contents introduction;

Ø Cultural experience will highlight the features of folk culture, traditional dress try-on and related etiquette display.

Ø Student from different countries will form teams working on a series of fashion creation portfolio.



More details: copy the following address and open it in a new webpage:       

Brochure for partner universities:   2018 3S-CTCP -  Nomination & Application.pdf

Brochure for individual applicants: 2018 3S-CTCP - eligibility, application, additional information.pdf