3S-CTCP: 2019 Preview


3S-CTCP  Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Traditional Costume Program


  2019 PREVIEW


Duration:  Jun.24th ~ Jul. 19th, 2019 (4 weeks)
Venue:  Yan'an Road Campus (downtown campus at No. 1882 West Yan'an Road)

The Chinese Traditional Costume Program (3S-CTCP) hosted by Donghua University (DHU) is a sub-program of Shanghai Summer School and was initiated in the year of 2014. It aims to help the participants gain a profound understanding of Chinese traditional costumes as well as their modern development. Shanghai municipal government will offer a certain financial support.


The 2019 3S-CTCP will be carried out based on the theme of Sustainable Fashion and Chinese Traditional Costume, guiding participants understanding and presenting Chinese traditional costume from the perspective of sustainable development. Sustainable Fashion is one of the most important developing trend in the future. According to the statistics, textile and clothing industry is the second largest polluted industry following the petrochemical industry, while 80% of a garment’s environmental impact defined at the design stage. Therefore, the creative design work with sustainable concept has tremendous power to promote the development of sustainable fashion.


By combing the latest fashion trend, the 2019 3S-CTCP participants will learn how to carry out the re-design on the waste Chinese traditional costumes, giving them new life, and how to create a fashionable design solution of the waste clothing re-design collection. The program will include:

Ø Lecture of sustainable fashion development in China

The participants will learn about the current situation of Chinese sustainable fashion development along with the realization approaches of sustainable fashion, especially the context of waste clothing re-design.

Ø Lecture of Chinese traditional costume culture

The participants will learn about the knowledge related to the Chinese traditional costume art, history, comparison between Chinese and western art, Shanghai style fashion trend and innovation, etc.

Ø Visiting the cooperating enterprises which doing recycle textile manufacturing business

The participants will visit the cooperating enterprises engaged in recycled textile manufacturing, do field research under the guidance of the teachers, and have the experience about the real progress of the sustainable fashion industrialization.

Ø Redesign and upcycling waste costume workshop

The participants will do the creative work of waste clothing re-design under the guidance of the teachers, experiencing the concepts of waste clothing re-design. Based on the waste Chinese traditional costumes, the waste clothing re-design solution will be created according to the latest fashion trend, which combines the sustainable fashion idea, Chinese traditional culture and fashion factors. The participants will experience the value of sustainable fashion from the fun of personal participation.




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Brochure for partner univerisities:   2019 3S-CTCP: Nomination & Application.pdf