【Conference】Call for Papers | 2020 Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange Forum & 5th International Forum on Fashion Communication


Call for Papers | 2020 Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange Forum & 5th International Forum on Fashion Communication


Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange and Sustainable Development


Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange Forum 2020 and the 5th International Forum on Fashion Communication will be held on August 14th -15th, 2020. In the current COVID-19 context, the Forum will be held in the form of an online conference, with venues in China and Kenya. The Forum is co-hosted by Moi University, Kenya, and Donghua University, China, and organized by the Belt & Road Research Center of Donghua University and the Fashion Communication Research Center (FCRC) of Donghua University.

1.    Time and Venue

  August 14th -15th, 2020

 Donghua University, Shanghai, China; Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

2.    Submission and Participation

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, only a limited number of participants will be invited to venues in Eldoret, Kenya, and Shanghai, China, while the remaining participants will participate via the online meeting platform provided by the panelists. The meeting will be broadcast live on Eastday.com.

Interested participants are invited to submit a contribution to the conference in either of the following forms:

(1) A complete paper containing theory and research conclusion (5000-8000 words).

(2) A detailed panel plan (around 2000 words).

3.    Forum Theme and Sub-topics

President Xi Jinping proposed that China and Africa should work together to build a community with a shared future featuring joint responsibility, win-win cooperation, happiness for all, common cultural prosperity, common security and harmonious coexistence. “Common cultural prosperity” has become the vision and mission of cultural exchange between China and Africa.

Sustainable development reflects a global consensus on governance and cooperation that encompasses core issues such as ecology, poverty, inequality, climate and environmental change. China has included a sustainable development strategy as one of the seven strategies that need to be firmly implemented in order to achieve a moderately prosperous society. Cultural heritage, innovation and communication are the supporting conditions for sustainable development strategies and an important driving force for Sino-Africa cooperation in the new era. To achieve sustainable development of China and African culture, it is necessary to be innovative in the forms and content of communication, explore the core elements and spiritual symbols of China and African culture, and then realize “mutual learning of civilizations”. There is a need to strengthen communication, increase understanding and exchanges among the Chinese and African people, so as to achieve “mutual understanding”. It is also important to reinforce the creation of think tanks, form systematic research on African culture, and provide theoretical research and academic support for policies towards Africa.

The theme of this conference is “Sino-Africa Cultural Exchange and Sustainable Development”, which is centered around the sustainable development of Sino-Africa cultural exchanges under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, focusing on four aspects: sustainable culture, sustainable governance, sustainable fashion and cross-cultural communication. The main topics include, but are not limited to.

Ÿ   Hot and cutting-edge issues in Sino-Africa cultural exchange and sustainable development

Ÿ   Status, trends and countermeasures of Sino-Africa cultural exchanges under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative

Ÿ   Study of intangible cultural heritage and cultural sustainability in African countries and China

Ÿ   Sustainable development of the fashion industry in China and Africa

Ÿ   Dissemination of China’s national image in Africa and Africa’s image in China

Ÿ   Corporate communication and sustainable development of Chinese-invested enterprises in Africa and Arica-invested enterprises in China

Ÿ   Sustainability research on the development of Confucius Institutes in Africa

Ÿ   Sino-Africa cross-cultural fashion communication

4.    Working Languages in Forum and Papers

  Forum: Chinese and English.

  Papers: Both English and Chinese papers will be accepted (all papers must be accompanied by an English title and abstract).

5.    Paper Submission and Publication

1. Format to be followed: English papers shall be in APA format; papers submitted in Chinese shall follow the standards of Chinese academic publications.

2. Please email the paper as an attachment to sacef2020@126.com,  submitted in Word or PDF format. If submitting the Chinese version, please include the title, summary and cover with personal information in both English and Chinese.

3. Please include: (1) the title of the paper; (2) name, title and affiliation of the author(s); (3) telephone contact information; (4) contact address; (5) e-mail address and any other relevant correspondence information.  

4. After the Forum, please revise the text and submit the final version of the full paper, which will be published by the Forum Organizing Committee.

5. Email: If you would like to consult the conference or submit a paper, please send an email to the conference email address at sacef2020@126.com

6.    Forum Registration and Fees

  There is no registration fee for the Forum.

  Participants who are invited to the venue  will be responsible for their own transportation, accommodation and other expenses, and should strictly adhere to the epidemiological precautions of the conference venue.

  Once the paper is accepted, participants must register on the platform provided by the organizing committee by July 30th, 2020.

7.    Important Dates

  Deadline for Submission: June 30th, 2020

 Date of Notification: July 15th, 2020

  Forum Online Registration Deadline: July 30th, 2020