【Application-2024 intake】Apply for the Supervision Intention Letter (SIL-M)


If you plan to pursue a master's degree at DHU, we suggest you submit a Supervision Intention Letter (SIL) signed by a DHU professor as a part of your application.


1. Check the 2024 Master's degree programs list & key information. Make sure that you're qualified to apply and, DHU offers the program you're interested in. 

2. Check the research fields and faculties information of DHU master's degree programs. Use the online translation or translation software in case you need to read in English.

3. Send emails to DHU Professors:

  1) With the information on the official website, you will find professors’ information and contact email.

  2) You are suggested to email the DHU professor the relevant documents that can prove your experience and competence, such as a professional self-introduction, academic background, diploma and transcripts, CV, thesis, published articles, research proposal, etc.

  3) Do write the email in the medium of instruction you apply for.

4. If the professor has the intention to be your future supervisor, you should download the Supervision Intention Letter (SIL, 2024 Intake), fill it out, and sign it. Then give it to the professor for his/her signature. The date of the professor's signature should be within six months before the application deadline

Note: Supervision Intention Letter (SIL) is only used as one of the application materials, NOT DHU's official acceptance letter or admission document.