2023 Doctoral Applicant - Apply for the Supervision Confirmation Letter



From the 2023 intake, a Supervision Confirmation Letter (SCL) signed by a DHU's Ph.D. supervisor is mandatory for the application of all doctoral degree programs.  

If there is no signed SCL included in the application materials, applications of several doctoral degree programs may be refused to be processed.

At the same time, the signed cover of one's Research Proposal by the same DHU's Ph.D. supervisor is required to be included.

 Doctoral Programs, Research Fields and Ph.D. Supervisors.xlsx

You are suggested to use online translation or translation software in case some of them are in Chinese.

 [Template] Supervision Confirmation Letter (2023 intake-doctoral).docx

   [Template] Cover of Research Proposal.docx

  [Template] Cover of Research Proposal.pdf


1. Contact the professors on your own through email.

1). With the information offered above, find out the professor's information and contact email via the links.

2). You are suggested to email the relevant documents that can prove your competence when contacting the professor, such as a professional self-introduction, your academic background, diploma or transcripts, CV, master's thesis, published articles, research results and proposal, etc.

3). Do write the email in the medium of instruction you apply for.


2. If the professor is willing to be your future supervisor, download the above Supervision Confirmation Letter  (2023 intake-doctoral), and Cover of Research Proposal, fill out and sign respectively by yourself and the professor.  The date of professor's signature should be within six months prior to the application deadline. 

3. Supervision Confirmation Letter is only used as an application material required by Donghua University. It shows the intention of the professor who signed, but not an official acceptance or admissions of the University.