Dormitory Booking Guidance


Thank you to the student who chose to study at Donghua University! You are welcome to book an International Student Residence to live on campus. The following steps are the relevant instructions for the reservation of international students, please read carefully before booking.


1. Booking system. Accommodation reservation application system:  Please use the account number when applying for study to log in.

2. School approval. The school will approve an accommodation application every Friday from June 28th to August 9th, and students can enter the system to check the approval results.

3. Accommodation fee payment. After the school approves the payment, the next semester accommodation fee can be paid (single room RMB 12,350 Yuan , double room RMB 6,550 Yuan, multi-person room RMB 4,550 Yuan ). Late check-in or early check-out (except for school leave) does not refund.

4. Change rooms after check-in. Please submit within 2 weeks of your stay and the school will arrange the same room type if possible.

5. Utility fee. Hot water and electricity recharge are applied for and paid in the system (). The hot water recharge will take effect after the system is paid. The power recharge needs to go to the property office (the front desk) to show the recharge record. The staff will go to the room to charge the card. After recharging the utility bill, there is no refund.

6. Check in and check out. The earliest check-in time for the fall semester of 2019 is August 30, and the latest check-out time for the end of the semester is January 12, 2020.

7. Check in. After the student arrives at the school, he/she will go to the 122 office to check in during office hours (8:30-17:00). At other times, the student will go directly to the front desk of the apartment for temporary check-in.

8. Check out: When you check out, the students by themselves have to clean the room and restore the original condition at the time of check-in. If the furniture is damaged, it must be compensated according to the price. Retreat directly at the apartment reception.

9. Students who receive the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Shanghai Government Scholarship (Type A) and Confucius Institute Scholarship don't need to make a reservation, and the school will arrange it.

10. If you have other requirements at the time of booking, please fill in the “Other Requirements” column carefully.

11. For other unfinished matters, please contact the accommodation management teacher by email:


We wish you all a smooth journey!


Updated: July 23,2019