Celebrating Children's Day with XIN PUTUO primary school's children


Children's Day is recognized on various days in many places around the world. On Friday, 29th may, the volunteering students of Donghua University in partnership with some administrators, faculty and staff of Donghua university took their time out to meet some local primary school’s children for a day of fun filled activities in the afternoon.

The aim was to educate them about different languages and regions around the world. The children were full of life and very excited about what awaited them. They settled down and were ready to learn from the volunteers.

Some of the activities included, an icebreaker game called 'Guess the word'; in this game the students were given a word to act out and the volunteers had to guess what the word was. This activity got the children smiling and laughing, making them feel comfortable being with the students and interacting with them. Soon after, the children were given a task to draw a traditional Chinese vase on a piece of paper, however the students found this quite difficult but with the help of the children they were able to complete the task and draw uniquely beautiful traditional Chinese vases.