The nearest metro station to Yan’an Road Campus is West Yan’an Road Station of Metro Line 3 and 4. Get out of the station from Exit 2, walk across the pedestrian bridge to other side of Yan'an Road, turn to right and walk for another 5 minutes, you will reach the University gate.

Suggestion: Metro Line 4 is a circle. Please check the direction before getting on the metro in order to save time. You are suggested to refer to ‘Shanghai Metro Map’ on the back of Campus Map for information about the lines and stations.



1) West Yan’an Road Stop (east side of West Yan’an Road Gate)

    Bus No. 127, 57, 776, 925, 936

2) West Zhongshan Road Tianshan Road Stop

    Bus No. 224, 251, 252, 73, 74B, 74, 754, 825

3) West Yan’an Road Kaixuan Road Stop

    Bus No. 311 (Night), 71, 776




Daytime (5:00-23:00): Starting price CNY 14 (including CNY 1 fuel tax) for the first 3 km. CNY 2.1/km after 3km. CNY 3.6/km after 10km.

Nighttime (23:00-5:00) : Starting price CNY 18 (including CNY 1 fuel tax) for the first 3 km. CNY 3.1/km after 3km. CNY 4.7/km after 10km.

For safety reasons, we suggest you to choose regular taxi operators.

1) DaZhong (Blue) Tel: 96822

2) QiangSheng (Yellow) Tel: 62580000

3) JinJiang (White) Tel: 96961


Note: All the information is for reference. Please double check the most updated and accurate details by yourself.