Facilities and Services


Yan’an Road campus locates in the downtown area. Convenient transportation can bring you to many places in the city: popular commercial zones like Zhongshan Park, Hongqiao Economic Development Zone, Tianshan Road and Xu Jia Hui, etc. Over 20 bus lines are around the campus, metro station of line 3 and 4 are just next to university gate. Banks, Gubei Visa Office, dozens of consulates, Carrefour and other supermarkets, hospitals and pharmacy, post offices, shopping malls and fitness centers are nearby.


Banks nearby:

1) Bank of China (West Yan’an Road Branch): No. 1988 West Yan’an Road (in Rainbow Hotel)

2) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (West Zhongshan Road Branch): No. 999 West Zhongshan Road

3) Citibank (Zhongshan Park Branch): No. 1018 Changning Road (1st floor of Cloud Nine Shopping Center)

ATM machine nearby:

1) 1st floor of No. 1 Teaching Building

2) Next to the door of Education Supermarket at Student Service Center

3) In Kedi Convenience Store at No. 1796 West Yan’an Road (near Tianshan Road)

4) In Bank of China branch at No. 1988 West Yan’an Road (Rainbow Hotel), where counter service is also available.

If you hold a foreign bank card, please find out your daily/weekly withdrawal limit. Please do remember to take your card back each time you finish operating on ATM.

It often costs some transaction fees to make payment or withdraw CNY cash with foreign bank cards. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to take your passport and go to a local bank to open a UnionPay card bank account.



1) YiFeng Pharmacy: No. 188 Anshun Road

2) DeYi Pharmacy: No. 235 Anshun Road

3) TongRenTang Traditional Chinese Medicine Store: No. 1627 West Yan’an Road


24-Hour Convenience Store

1) Near Yan’an Road Gate: KeDi, Quik

2) Near Anshun Road Gate: Quik, C-Store, Buddies, Family-Mart


Post Office

1) DHU Branch: No. 1910 West Yan’an Road (Parcel service is unavailable.); Tel021-62198066

2) Tianshan Road Branch: No. 1730 (Parcel service is available.); Tel: 021-62590938


China Mobile Branch

1) No. 398 Zunyi Road: near Tianshan Road, around 20 minutes’ walk from Yan’an Road campus.

2) No. 1281 Dingxi Road: Xinhua Road, around 20 minutes’ walk from Yan’an Road campus.






Opening Hour


(Gubei Branch)

No.268 South Shuicheng Road

(near West Yan'an Road)

Shuicheng Road Station

of Metro Line 10



(Cloud Nine Branch)

B2 floor of Cloud Nine Plaza

No. 1018 Changning Road

 (Near Kaixuan Road)

Zhongshan Park Station

of Metro Line 2/3/4



Shopping Center   




Cloud Nine Plaza

 (Zhongshan Park Branch)

No. 1018 Changning Road

(near Kaixuan Road)

Zhongshan Park Station

of Metro Line 2/3/4

Paris Spring

 (Zhongshan Park Branch)

No. 832 Changning Road

(near Dingxi Road)

Zhongshan Park Station

of Metro Line 2


(Tianshan Branch)

No. 789 Tianshan Road

(near Loushanguan Road)

20 minutes’ walk

Huijin Department Store

(Tianshan Branch)

No. 900 Tianshan Road

(near Loushanguan Road)

20 minutes’ walk



You can find various Chinese and exotic cuisines in Shanghai at different price range. There are quite a few nice restaurants around Yan’an Road Campus.

1) Zhongshan Park Commercial Zone: From the 4th to the 8th floor of Cloud Nine plaza, you may find restaurants offering western, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Cantonese and many other cuisines.

2) Tianshan Road Commercial Zone: Close to Loushanguan Station of Metro Line 2, where you can taste a variety of fast food such as hot pot, Sichuan, Shanghai and Japanese dishes, Starbucks, McDonald, KFC, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut, etc.

3) Dingxi Road Food Street: Located at the east to Yan’an Road campus, around 15 minutes’ walk. A diversified featured restaurants sit on both sides of the street.



1) Shanghai Film Art Center: No. 160 Xinhua Road (near Panyu Road), 021-62806088

2) Cloud Nine Cinema: No. 1018 Changning Road, 9th floor of Cloud Nine Plaza, 2021-52378275

3) Huijin Department Store Cinema: No. 900 Tianshan Road (near Loushanguan Road), 021-60910469


Train Ticket Agency

1) No. 2A Lane 652 West Zhongshan Road (near Tianshan Road)

2) No. 785 Loushanguan Road (near Tianshan Road)

3) No. 152 Yili Road (near West Yan’an Road)

4) No. 417 Xinhua Road

Notice: transaction Fee is CNY 5/ticket.



1) Will’s Gym (Zhongshan Park Branch): It offers all kinds of body building devices, swimming pool and Yoga classes.

      Add: No. 88 Huichuan Road

      Tel: 021-52739533

2) Weider-Tera Fitness Club (Hongqiao Branch): It offers many body building devices, a small swimming pool as well as various fitness classes. The membership card can be used in all the chain stores in Shanghai.

      Add: No. 2000 West Yan’an Road, 3rd floor of Rainbow Hotel

      Tel: 021-62708222, 021-62707008

3) Swimming Pool of Shanghai International Gymnastics Center: A relatively big and clean indoor swimming pool, open all year round. It is crowded in summer. The price is a bit expensive. Membership card is a good choice for frequent swimmer.

      Add: No. 777 Wuyi Road (near West Zhongshan Road)

      Tel: 021-51083186, 021-51083183

      Opening hour: 6:30-21:30

Note: All the information is for reference. Please double check the most updated and accurate details by yourself.