Departments of International Cultural Exchange School


DEPT. : International Student Admissions Dept.

CONTENTS: Marketing and Development, Application and Consultation, Recruitment and Admissions, Group and Customized Programs, etc.

OFFICE: ICES-Office 121

Tel: 0086-21-62378595, 62379336, 62373452


DEPT. : International Student Affairs Dept.


*Academic Management of Undergraduate / Postgraduate / General & Senior Scholars

*International Student Visa, On- & Off-Campus Residence, Management of Emergent Issues

*Student Activities, Student Organizations, Alumni Association

*Fees Charging

OFFICE: ICES-Office 122/111

Tel: 0086-21-62373066, 62379115, 62373502


DEPT. : Chinese Language Center.

CONTENTS: Teaching and Academic Management of Chinese Language Students including Registration, Suspension, Discontinuance, Completion, Class Transfer, Textbooks, Scholarships, Examination, Transcripts, Certificate, Study Letter, HSK exam, BCT exam, etc.

OFFICE: ICES-Office 123

Tel: 0086-21-62373507


DEPT. : Faculty of Chinese Language

CONTENTS: Teaching and Academic Affairs of B.A. in Chinese Language

OFFICE: IECB–Office 103

Tel: 0086-21-62373120, 62373578


DEPT. : Center of International Programs

CONTENTS: Academic Affairs of English- taught Undergraduate Programs in Business

OFFICE: IECB–Office 100

Tel: 0086-21-62373362