Confucius Institute at Moi University (CIMU) was launched on 30th March, 2015. CIMU, the globally first Confucius Institute featuring textile engineering and fashion design, is operated by Moi University and Donghua University, Shanghai through Hanban China. The opening of the CIMU marks a climax of collaboration between Moi University and Donghua University in which 18 Moi University students have been awarded the master or doctoral degrees since 2010 to 2015.

As an institution of Chinese language and cultural teaching in Eldoret, CIMU offers the courses in Chinese language and the culture of China to Moi University students and other residents in Eldoret. Since January 2015, the staff and students of Moi University have chosen all parts of the CIMU curriculum including Basic Language Course, Chinese Culture, Tutoring Class (for HSK tests), Vacational Chinese Club, Business Chinese and Taiji Class at the Main campus, Eldoret Town Campus and Rivatex, etc.

CIMU, with the Chinese Test Center, provides Chinese tests services for those who take Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), HSK Speaking Test (HSKK), Business Chinese Test (BCT), etc.. The tutorials that CIMU supplies facilitate its students who register with the Chinese tests center to perform better in the tests and apply for Chinese scholarships.

Featuring textile engineering and fashion design, CIMU in fact has the function as a communication platform of bridging cooperation and establishing relationship between the governments and companies in China and those in Kenya. CIMU, therefore, supplies specially designed courses not only relevant to Chinese language and culture but relevant to textile and fashion to meet the specific demands of people and companies.