DHU Students Won Prizes in 2020 Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition


In the recent “The 3rd Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition of 2020 (Shanghai Zone) and the 24th ‘Cunzhi Cup’ Shanghai Student Photography Competition”, the photography works of 3 students of our university stood out among 341 entries of group C (19-25 years old), and won 1 gold and 2 silver medals. They were from Grade 16 and 17 of Visual Communication Department of College of Fashion and Design, and were guided by Associate Professor Huang Xiaozhao. Among them, Wu Qi's work “If Time Could Stop at the Moment When We First Met” won the gold medal, Yu Wanyang's “Fusion” and Chen Rui's “Tibetans” won the silver prize.

“Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition” was the first international youth photography competition with the theme of countries alongside the Silk Road. It mobilized teenagers in all countries to record and disseminate the great construction project of building a community with a shared future for mankind through images. The aim was to strengthen the understanding, communication and exchange among young people on the countries alongside the Silk Road, and to promote young people to witness, construct and inherit the Silk Road culture witness. Based on the theme of “My Home”, the competition and series of exchange activities were organized.

(“If Time Could Stop at the Moment When We First Met”, Wu Qi of Class 1602 of Digital Media Arts Department, Gold Award)

“If Time Could Stop at the Moment When We First Met” were shot on October 25, 2018 on the way to Sichuan and Tibet, which took children as the lead. The name corresponded with the 4 pictures: “Meet”, “Distance”, “Companion” and “Guard”. These 4 stages reflected how people get along with each other—get together because of fate, sometimes be apart, share a lifetime of ups and downs, and stay together forever.


(“Fusion”, Yu Wanyang of Class 1701 of Visual Communication Department, Silver Award)

“Fusion” were shot in July 2019 along the G314 Highway in Xinjiang. The natural beauty astonished the author. The snow-capped mountains, the blue lakes, the white sand dunes, the green grasslands, the gurgling streams, the white clouds and the cool wind, they all made you sigh at the wonderful nature unconsciously.

(“Tibetans”, Chen Rui of Class 1702 of Visual Communication Department, Silver Award)

“Tibetans” were shot in Tibetan areas in October 2019. Deeply moved by the passion and simplicity of the Tibetans, the author recorded the moments with the camera, hoping to convey the different humanistic charm of Tibetan areas through the photography works.


Source: College of Fashion and Art Design

     Editor: Sun Qinghua, Writer:Yu Wanyang

Photographer: Wu Qi, Yu Wanyang, Chen Rui