Application Guide

Application Guide for 2021 Intake


Study Duration:4 years

Application Deadline:

for scholarships: March 31, 2021

for self-funded study: May 15, 2021 (early bird)

 June 15, 2021 (regular)



1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid ordinary passport, be in good health, have graduated from a higher secondary school and are qualified for postsecondary entrance.

2. Age requirement:

Scholarship applicants:16-25

Self-funded applicants:16-35

3. The following students are required to meet the conditions set by the Ministry of Education of the P.R.C. in Document No.12 (2020):

Students born in mainland China, HK, TW, MC, who have obtained a foreign nationality.

Students who have spent (part of) their secondary education in mainland China, HK, TW, MC.

Students who acquired a foreign nationality at the time of birth, and whose parents (either or both) hold Chinese nationality and reside abroad.



Ø 54 Chinese-taught ProgramsPopular Programs

Fashion & Apparel Design,International Economy & Trade, Business Administration, Logistics Management, Public Relations, Communication Theories, Electronic Commerce, Chinese Language, Textile Engineering, Composite Materials & Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Data Science & Big Data Technology

Ø 5 English-taught Programs

Business Administration, International Trade, Marketing, Fashion & Accessory Design, Environmental Design

Application Materials

1. Online application of DHU

Apply online for studying at DHU on

2. Passport copy

* Visa page is required in case you are not in your home country.

3. Graduate/school leaving certificate and the complete transcripts

All the copies must be the original documents with official seal and/or signature.

Documents in language other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations.

Students who are currently in the final year can submit a pending certificate along with transcripts of all grades you completed. You are required to submit the official certificate and final transcripts once you receive them.

4. Language credentials

Ø For Chinese-taught programs: HSK 5 Certificate (at least 180 score)

HSKK certificate is recommended to be submitted.

In case you apply for Bachelor's program in Chinese language, HSK 4 (at least 180) is the minimum requirement.

If you apply with an HSK 3 certificate or equivalency, you might have chance to get a conditional offer, then you can choose DHU's Pathway program to study Chinese for another year to acquire HSK5 certificate.

Ø For English-taught programs

CIP: Certificate of IELTS (6.0 or above) / TOEFL IBT (80 or above)

SCF: Certificate of IELTS (5.5 or above) / TOEFL IBT (72 or above)

* All language credentials must be obtained within the recent two years.

5. Personal statement

In the format of essay, written in the teaching language of the program you apply for.

One to Two pages in which introduce yourself, individual growth background, learning experience, personal interests, your capacities and characteristics, and your motivation.

6. Mandatory for application of art design related programs

Ø For Chinese-taught: The original latest art works of one pencil sketch, one color painting, and one design rendering relating to the proposed program.

Ø For English-taught: A video with your own oral English presentation about the personal creative design portfolio recorded on a CD or USB.

7. Mandatory for entrance scholarship application

Printed SGS application form with your own signature

Two recommendation letters

Physical examination record for foreigners

Certificate of no criminal conviction

8. Other supplementary documents

Ø Applicants under 18 should submit a Guarantee Statement filled and signed by the legal adult guardians living in mainland China.

Ø Any documents that might enhance your competitiveness.

Ø Additional documents might be asked for students in category Eligibility 3.


Material 2-8 Please submit one set of the physical copies by mail and the electronic versions by email.

All the above application documents will not be returned under any circumstances.


Contact Information



Address: Office 121, International Student Admissions Dept., International Cultural Exchange School, No. 1882 West Yan’an Road, Shanghai, P. R. China.

Postcode: 200051