Male Students: No.5 International Student Dorm Building --- 80 triple or twin rooms and each for CNY50/day/person(Twin room) or CNY 35/day/person (Triple room). Each room is equipped with TV set, fridge and internet jack. A public bathroom and a public kitchen (washing machines, water dispenser, microwave oven, electromagnetic stoves) locate on each floor. Utility fees (hot water and electricity)should be paid by themselves.

For Ph.D students, twin rooms will be provided.

For other kinds of students, triple rooms will be provided.  

Female Students: Teachers’ Home ---50 twin rooms and each for CNY50/day/person. Each room is equipped with private bathroom, TV set, fridge, internet jack. There are public kitchens (washing machine, water dispenser and microwave oven) in the building.

Students should apply an internet account from Telecom company.