Guide to living outside campus 

1. Students who want to rent an apartment have to be via regular estate agencies and sign a renting contract with the owner. Students should read through the items of the contract to avoid contractual disputes.

2. Close the windows, turn off electric switches, water taps and gas taps, lock the room door whenever you leave your apartment. Keep an eye on your personal property. Pay attention to your own safety and security. We strongly suggest students get in touch with the neighborhood committee in the community or ICES soon after they have moved into a new address so as to better secure the safety and security for off-campus residence.

3. International students should bring his/her passport, renting contract, property ownership certificate and a form issued by ICES of DHU to the local police station applying the Registration Form of Temporary Residence within 24 hours after having moved into the lodging place.

4. If a student has changed his/her address, he/she has to inform the school of the change in time, and then go to the police station to renew his/her registration form of temporary residence within 24 hours; otherwise, one will be punished by the police force.

5. Please bear in mind the following commonly used phone numbers: 

    Police 110       First-Aid 120       Fire 119       Office of ICES: 62379115


School Bus

ICES offers shuttle bus service (several lines) to those woh live in the foreigner gathering areas such as Longbai, Gubei, Fengdu International and Qibao Wanke. Fee of shuttle bus service is CNY 300-500 per semester.

For details, please refer to: School Bus


Real Estate Company Discounted Renging Services

ICES has signed agreement with 3 real estate companies, who can provide off-campus rental services for international students of DHU. International students can enjoy the discounted renting services as follows.

1. Please contact the following companies directly if you need to rent apartment off-campus.

Name of




Website & E-mail

Special offer



Building 16,

No.1310 Dingxi Rd.



Agency fee 

15% discount



275 Anshun Rd.,

Changning District



Agency fee of 20%

of the monthly rent



Student Community

Building 3, No.80, 

Lane 251, Zaoyang Road

18117061587 Agency fee

2.Reference rent of surrounding area of Donghua University:

Room type


Size (m2)

1 Bedroom, 1 sitting room, 1 bathroom



2 Bedrooms, 1 sitting room, 1 bathroom



3 Bedrooms, 1 sitting room, 1 bathroom